Large Skill injectors are going for 4Billion a piece on the HyperNet literally a steal if you ask me


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This is exactly why lotteries are still a thing in real life.

Statistics is hard.


I wonder if now that scamming is so easy the chatter in Jita will die down?

It seems to have had the opposite effect

But how will people advertise their scam lotteries if they don’t spam Jita chat?

Now that scamming’s moved to easy street I don’t see the necessity of barking… No one would accept a single injector for a contract of 4 Billion even if you could advertise it as something else… The HyperNet is changing that

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You should look-up the definition of stealing…

CCP need to include a local chat suppression button cause blocking is now full for me :anguished:
the hyperspam is more intense then scamming spam come on ccp do something please

Who is paying 4 billion isk for an Injector?
Let bads be bads.

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Nobody is. There are folk who pay 84.6MISK for a chance of ~2% to win a large injector.

I mean this is literally how lotteries works. Why are you surprised?


Good!! now CCP can rename that the hyperscam relay.

It’s not a scam, that’s what a raffle is.

usually the money raised is for a good cause and a raffle is an incentive to make a donation.
it’s not supposed to be capitalism.

it’s pretty ridiculous you can just buy stuff from jita relist it on the hypernet for 50% profit.

there’s no easy way to filter out the things actually going for almost market rate so it’s like the regular market but without competition because your forced to buy a random order almost instead of being able to easily find the best offer.

Could have been much better implemented

Things have really chilled-out though and people have smartened-up. I made a killing last night but tonight not so much…

  1. What is difirence betwean this and normal scam? Except that CCP gets a cut.

  2. it’s a lottery after all. There is actual quite big chance that buyer will still make profit if he will win with small amount of tickets.

  3. Now, you cant really tell what is scam and RMT with this. But as long as PLEX is involved I guess CCP is ok with that.


But then again, seriously you should only participate in New Order sanctioned ethical raffles, where it is guaranteed that the surplus goes into our diverse programs to help the highsec miner population of EVE escape poverty.

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No. The buyers have zero chance to be winning. That’s what chance games are. Claiming otherwise is just you being an idiot.

Just because one buyer actually get something, does not mean that buyers in general have a chance at making profit.

You always puts low level insults when can’t make any good argument? That poor trolling attempts wont work.


People that failed 3rd grade math