[Service]The Shadow Network

Welcome to The Shadow Network.

The Shadow Network is a bounty holding and payment service. For the first time, after 9 years, we’re opening our bounty placement and collection services to the public.

Please read the following rules carefully before placing or claiming a bounty. Due to character limitations in the neocom the terms found here shall be considered the full terms.

Placing a bounty

To place a bounty send your payment to The Shadow Network

The minimum bounty we accept is 250mil

There is a 10% handling fee for each bounty placed. Both the bounty and the handling fee should be sent as a single payment. The handling fee does not count towards the minimum bounty payment (i.e. minimum deposit is 275mil).

To place a bounty send your payment with the following notation format in the note line:

Type (subtype) - Target - Value - Threshold - Reason(optional)

Type : - This donates the type of the bounty and may be as follows:

Player - Pays outon player ship destruction
Player Pod - Pays out on the destruction of player pod. Value of implants and value of ship will both count towards threshold
Corp - Pays out on the destruction of corp assets of any kind
Alliance - Pays out on the destruction of alliance assets of any kind
Corp/Alliance Structure - pays out on the destruction of any structure belonging to the stated corp/Alliance
Structure - pays out on the destruction of a specific structure
Militia(Race) - This is a pool style bounty paid out on the destruction of any assets belonging to players of the stated militia. There is a handling fee of 50% (total 50%, not 50% + 10% + 25%) and a minimum pool deposit of 5bil.

Subtype :- Donates the subtype of the bounty. If no subtype is given the bounty will be assumed to be a single playout.

(pool) - a pool subtype bounty pays out a value equal to the value of the assets destroyed divided by the threshold until the value of the pool is depleted rather than paying out a single payment. A pool bounty requires an additional handling fee of 25% (35% total) of the value of the pool due to the additional administration required. Minimum pool 1bil.

Target :- The full name of the target player, corp or structure.

Value :- The value of the bounty.

Threshold :- The minimum required value of kill compared to the bounty. We suggest setting this between x1.5 to x2

Reason :- This is an optional extra you can add to your note line to help us assess whether to accept the bounty or not. We may ask for proof in certain cases.

Refunds on bounties placed are not available. Payouts made due to errors in your note are not refundable.

Limitations :- We will not accept bounties against pilots or corps in good standing with us (completing or placing bounties does not put you in good standing with us). We will not accept bounties that we judge to be greifing or harassment (such bounties will not be refunded). We will not accept bounties that specifically target industrialists purely for being industrialists (such bounties will not be refunded). Threshold requirements will be based on the killboard estimated isk.

We do not limit the value of bounties as long as the correct handling fee is paid. Multiple bounties must be sent as individual payments with the correct handling fees.

Bounties may be withdrawn but will not be refunded. A withdrawn bounty may not be reinstated and a new bounty must be placed.

Why use our service?

Better incentive (pilots get the full payout).
Neutral holder (hunters don’t have to worry about dealing with the person who places the bounty directly).
Protect your anonymity (we will not reveal who places the bounty).

DO NOT take any claim of a bounty being placed with us at face value. This may be fraudulent and even if it is not the bounty doesn’t become valid until it is in a post made by me.

Claiming Bounties

To claim a bounty you must must mail Shadowed Veil stating which bounty you are wishing to claim and provide a link to a kill board showing your participation. Kill values must match or exceed the threshold in items destroyed (dropped items do not count towards meeting the threshold). Kills must be made after the bounty submission date. Payments for a multi-party kill will be made to the person who submits the mail. Bounties will only be paid once per kill. Only one bounty will be paid per kill. Mail will be processed in the order by which it is recieved. You will not be paid if the bounty has already been claimed regardless of whether it was still listed as active at the time of the kill. We make attempts to process bounties and update the bounty list once per day but make no garauntees. The payout on a pool bounty will be rounded down to the nearest whole million. If a potential payout form a pool bounty exceeds the remaining pool then the payout will be limited to the remaining value of the pool.

Whilst the threshold is there to prevent such issues, we reserve the right to refuse to pay out any bounty we deem a fraudulent claim (i.e. claiming for destroying the ship of a corp/alliance member). However we make no garauntees to the person who places the bounty that we will avoid such an incident.

We do not pay out bounties if concord was involved in the destruction of the target’s ship. However, if you pod kill a target destroyed by concord and the value of the implants destroyed exceeds the threshold you can claim against the pod kill but items destroyed on the ship will not count towards the threshold like they normally would.

Current Standard Bounties

Corp Structure Bounties

Current Pool Bounties

A reminder: pool bounties pay out a value equal to the value of the destroyed (excluding dropped) asset divided by the threshold value up to the value of the isk remaining in the pool. Please remember that pool bounty payouts will be rounded down to the nearest whole million. Example: You gain a kill destroying 250mil of assets on a x2.5 threshold your payout is 100mil.

Alliance Pool Bounties


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To answer a question:

Whilst the threshold is there to prevent such issues, we reserve the right to refuse to pay out any bounty we deem a fraudulent claim (i.e. claiming for destroying the ship of a corp/alliance member). However we make no garauntees to the person who places the bounty that we will avoid such an incident.

To Clarify:

If multiple bounties exist on the same target the person who claims the bounty will only recieve one of the bounties (the highest value one they qualify for and is still available).

To answer a few questions:

Industrialists are not completely excluded from having a bounty placed on them. We just require a valid reason and may ask for evidence. Yes, we would consider the mining of a belt generated by your refinery a valid reason. What we won’t accept are miner bumping style bounties.

We don’t care if you gained the kill by declaring war or ganking. You can even claim the bounty if you were already at war with the target anyway.

I’ve not considered people placing a bounty on a militia as a whole. I will add this option to the rules above, however, since militias are a PvP focused thing and the amount of kills that take place in a day are likely to be high and a lot of work on my part to organise kill verification (remember, I have to check every email and cross refference the killboard to make sure there aren’t duplicate claims etc and that I have to continue to check mails even after the bounty pool is expended as I won’t know which bounty they are after until i read them) and payouts we are going to set the fee for such bounty contracts to 50% (total) of the bounty with a 5bil pool minimum. This fee may increase or the option withdrawn all together if the workload proves heavier than expected.

I do check for bounty deposits and claims every day that I am available to log on but don’t update this post or send out mailing list updates unless there is a change to the available bounties. I have also been posting replies here when I have recieved a question that I think others may benefit from hearing the reply to.

To answer some questions:

No I don’t know where the structures are for the Corp Structure bounties. These bounties are placed either because the corp placing the bounty doesn’t know where the structure is (else they would place a structure bounty) or they don’t care which structure is destroyed (we don’t ask for the details normally). I do actually know some of the details of the current structure bounty. The bounty has been up for a while in our internal network because the corp placing it couldn’t locate the structure, nor, so far, have any of our network of hunters managed to find it. By the request of the corp placing it we took the bounty public. I’ve had a few people ask me where it is so I just want to clear that up.

Since I’ve been asked several times if we have a mailing list for public bounties I’ll be making one available in the corp description. I had planned to create one once a bounty had been claimed or several had been placed to prove there’s a market for taking our service public. However since so many have asked I’ve decided to create a mailing list now.

DO NOT take any claim of a bounty being placed with us at face value. This may be fraudulent and even if it is not the bounty doesn’t become valid until it is in a post made by me. (We felt this had to be said since were about to post an offer below).

To try to encourage some business for our public bounties we will offer the following for the next 5 public bounties placed with us (in the interest of fairness this was offered to holder of the CODE. bounty but was refused on the grounds of anonymity, which is understandable. The Structure bounty was placed with us before our decision to go public so that does not qualify.):

If after placing your bounty you post in this thread confirming that you did indeed place a bounty with us then in exchange for giving up your anonymity the handling fee for your bounty will be reduced to 5% regardless of the bounty type (excluding militia bounties) if you place a bounty of 1bil or less. Please follow the normal steps for placing a bounty as instructed above, the discount will be paid as a refund after you post in this thread confirming you have deposited the funds for the bounty with us. We will evemail you offering this partial fee refund if your bounty is one of the next 5. If any one of those 5 contacted chooses to keep their anonymity instead of posting we will offer it to the next bounty placed until 5 bounties have redeemed the offer or the month ends.

For the next 5 bounties with a valid claim: If you make a valid claim on a bounty we will pay an additional 5% if you post here confirming you have successfully claimed a bounty and recieved the money. If this offer is still valid when you claim a bounty we will send you an evemail asking if you wish to claim this offer and the additional 5% will be paid to you once you post. If the offer is turned down we may offer it to the next pilot at our discretion. Of course we would encourage those hunters who make a valid claim to post regardless of whether or not the offer is still valid. After all, the more people can see this is a legitimate service the more bounties that will be placed with us by the public and the more opportunity that exists for you.

The patron who placed the bounty on CODE has agreed to reduce the threshold. The threshold on the bounty is now 2x. This means you will receive 50% of the value of the items destroyed in the kill when you claim this bounty.

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All bounties listed in first post still open and valid.

Still open for business.

Unfortunately real life issues have resulted in an unavoidable extended absence from being able to provide this service on my part from the game that is likely to continue for the near future. All valid claims made in my absence will be filled and the remaining balance on any placed bounties will be refunded. We will inform hunters and past clients when our service can be resumed.

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