Set up your orders here to get light missal and missal launchers

set up a buy order here and then send me the payment and tell me were you want it.
200 missals= 40,000
400 missals= 70,000
600 missals= 130,000
1 missal launcher= 210,000
10 missal launchers= 1,075,000
put the order in the chat and if you want to help join the corp the dragon wariors
if prices are to high put an offer bellow
orders may take over a day or two to get made.

Lol. sorry man, im doubtful of the amount of business youll be getting.

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agian thats why i said that you could offer a price

Ill buy everything for 1 isk each. Think of it as a buyback program.

were you want them


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