Selling s antimatter charges

100 charges= 5,000 isk
500 charges= 20,000 isk
1000 charges= 40,000 isk
2500 charges= 115,000 isk
5000 charges= 230,000 isk
7500 charges= 350,000 isk
10000 charges= 500,000 isk

please send the isk first and wait two days. all amination will be in Amarr.
delivery is optional but will charge more. please send a message to me here or send me a mail in eve.

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I’ll buy some from you

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how many

I’ll buy 5 mil’s worth if you have it

if you can give me a mounth maybe or send the isk so i can get a couple jobs of them set up sure


do you want it delivered it 10 isk more per one

Whichever. I’ll send you the money tonight when I get on.

Okay will start a masive production soon

do tell me which because i will need to go out in a hauler

No need delivery haha.

send me the isk dude

I will dude, some of us live in different time zones :smiley:

I just got home LOL.

Sent the money :smiley:

the production will take only 9 more days as i mayde them all in one order


if you want i have a BPC of a battleship disangrater it only has one run but how much would you pay for it if you wanted it

Mm sadly I can only do the very basic of indy :smiley:

okay then