🌮 Setenta Corp - Old Corp, New Pants

Let me introduce you to our corp. A mature, relaxed corp that knows that RL comes first and then gaming.
Our corp is one of the first that were established in the EVE cluster. If you give us a chance we would like to rebuild this corp to its glorious days that it used to had.

We are part of Circle Of Two alliance and we live in FADE region.
There we have PVE (ratting, mission running, PI, all kinds of mining).
The alliance has constant PVP fleets and lots of content across multiple time zones.

Our home system is a few Capital jumps from empire and 25 normal jumps from jita so it is pretty easy for logistics. The corp has JF service from Jita to our space.
The corp has buy back program for Ore, PI, Salvage & Loot, Moon materials.

CO2 - STC Recruitment

★ Must have at least 6 months & not Alpha.
★ All real persons without an ACTIVE killboard will be denied joining.
★ You must have at least 10 million skill points on your main character.
★ You must be able to pilot at least one DPS or Logistic alliance Doctrine.
★ SSO token registration required.
★ CTA participation required.
★ Discord and TS comms required.

We look forward to get more people into corp, to be more fun.

Contact me in game or join our public chat channel in game: stc_public

We offer free Tacos upon joining! Come and get some.

Cookies as well, if you don`t eat tacos.

We are recruiting PVP-ers, FCs and everybody that would like to have some action.

If you like to eat the honey. Its time for you to join us and have some of that delicious bee honey.

Bee eradication time. Join us and help us purge them.

Join now, and you get a free ship to die in a glorious battle!

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