Several yachts or the way how to kill live in WH! mechanics must be changed

I want to raise a problem with overbalanced ship and mechanics which a killing live in WH.
From some time some huge alliances and players started to use new type of WH live ruining. Players bring in target WH system 10-15 Yahts some bombers and long range ships with cloak. So every time when people who live in this system try to explore static/WH, whis gang in several minuts close the hole.
In this case no way to catch such yahts and even if some way one yaht will be killed, it will not solve the situation.

I think mechanics must be changed to to avoid such disbalance way of playing.

Hey man, don’t spam the forums with redundant threads. If you really want, you can @ the CSM. But you’re more likely to see change by building a consensus among the wider playerbase, than by spaming the forums or CSM members.

Hey man, don’t spam the forums with redundant threads.

It’s unnecessary spam that accomplishes nothing.

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