Seycon YC120: Witness and Wonder

The Seyllin Conference brings together the brightest scientific and exploratory Capsuleers for a sixth time with SeyCon YC120, occurring January 20th and 21st. Join us as we witness the frontiers of knowledge being pushed back, and as we wonder at…

Guest Presentations

We look forward to presentations from across the scientific spectrum, and would love to hear from those of you who would like to contribute in a direct way to the symposium by presenting your research.

Please evemail your area of focus and an abstract of your presentation to Jaret Victorian, Makoto Priano, and Lasairiona Raske. Your submission will be reviewed at the earliest availability of the event commission. Please be aware that submissions will close the evening of January 6th.

Donor’s Ball

The work of the Arataka Research Consortium and its many partners and associates is greatly aided by the generosity of its patrons. Whether it’s a pilot who volunteers his or her time flying and fighting in Vigilant Tyrannos space, a donor who has provided funds for acquisition or research projects, or as a contributor to the consortium’s media outreach efforts, New Eden would be a darker place without the many benefactors who make our work possible.

Join us as we celebrate our shared work, and those who make it possible.


Submissions are now open.

Schedule for the Donor’s Ball and Seycon to come up in the coming week and will be posted here.


I am most definitely planning to attend along with several other members of my alliance. Signal Cartel pilots have completed a few interesting research projects in the last year and I am in talks with the pilots who headed those up to encourage them to submit for a presentation slot.

Besides ISK, are other types of donations are desired? To whom should donations be directed?


Speaking of, will there be a breakdown of funds allocation and expenditure at any point?


This sounds very fascinating! I hope to attend some of the presentations!

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I’ll definitely need to attend. Good to see that SeyCon is still continuing. Hopefully I can scrounge together some research into a comprehensible presentation.

As ever once the conference is over I will have transcripts posted to the Synenose Accord Galnet page.


I actually have something very suitable for this. Unfortunately, I might not be able to participate at the given dates. Alas.


Will you be presenting YOUR findings from your recent research on capsuleers?

Before I address individual concerns, there’s a small clarification on the Donor’s Ball. While the Arataka Research Consortium always greatly appreciates donations of all sorts, the Ball is not intended to necessarily as a solicitation! Rather, we seek to give due recognition to those who have assisted us in our recent projects, big or small, and to celebrate the work we’ve done so far. No additional donations are requested at this time.

Mynxee; we look forward to submissions from Signaleers! Ours has always been a good relationship, and I hope we can work to showcase both our shared interests and the adventuresome spirit of your explorers.

Ms. Del’thul; we unfortunately haven’t prepared full accounting reports for the public. I will say that in the specific instance where you donated to ARC’s trinary data repository push, the total expenditure of the project totaled approximately 115 billion ISK, and constituted a major financial undertaking, with I believe 16.5 billion provided by outside donations and the remainder from resource reallocations. In some cases, this went so far as, “Do we really need that jump freighter?”

Our monthly operating expenses, at present, range from 1.5b to 3b, with additional variability in ship-replacement costs. In most operations, that cost of SRP is nil. We’re old hands at these operations, at this point. However, first encounter with updated Drifter tactics can momentarily spike that, though we usually adjust by the time we launch our next operation. We do like to keep sufficient funding available for several month’s worst-case operating costs and the potential full replacement for two fleets, in anticipation of the day that the Drifters successfully wipe out a patrol instead of merely inconveniencing it.

Ms. Vale; we’d love to have you! Additionally, I’ll be responding to your missive shortly.

Ninavask; lovely! We may also have a multimedia package to provide alongside transcripts. You may also wish to contact Jaret Victorian for our archives of the YC118 SeyCon, if that hasn’t been rehosted as well?

Ms. Nieyli; it may be that we’ll be able to provide reference to recently-released papers, if you have something near publication?


I will certainly do my best to attend. I will consider what I can do to contribute.

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No worries, it’s not so much about accountability and more about public awareness of what money buys in terms of progress.

You say this, however, I, as the greatest living Takmahl technoarchaeologist, most of my research is of limited practical application to the modern cluster.

And my other research, some of it is in fields that some would say are irrelevant. Such as xenocybertheology.

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Certainly understood.

It is worth noting that, unlike the Arithmos-hunting most Anoikis-dwelling organizations pursue, Hive patrols are not a profitable venture in and of themselves. Our operating budget allows for ARC to engage in buy-back of recovered material, thus ensuring continued pilot activity. Without outside funding sources, I suspect we’d be less successful in maintaining our overwatch.


The Fifth Seyllin Conference is transcribed safely on the Synenose Accords Galnet site and I would be delighted to include the multimedia package. I plan to do a full write up this year to give the short version of what was covered for those who could.not attend, or despise reading transcripts.

Although I did have a question. I noticed the event was moved to Eram. Predominately for the use of a citadel as the venue I presume?


What an exciting opportunity to further the scientific fields in all regards. Events like these are key to spreading knowledge in order to create new and exciting opportunities for advancement.

As members of SERAPH, I find this to be an exciting opportunity to compare research notes with our fellow Hive invaders in ARC. The Torchwood Institute would be happy to present our research into the Drifters as well as our Sansha research, barring any unforeseen circumstances that would prevent our attendance.

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Since I am a newcomer, it shames me to say that I can provide very little to the conference, as much as I desire to. The sad matter is I’m simply not relevant, nor am I experienced enough compared to the majority of what I consider my Elder Pilots, regardless of age over or under me.

That said, I would very much like to attend.

I wonder, in truth. I say I’m not relevant, but how many are aware of the Hellbore weapon system? I worry it is too late to submit, and even if I had before, I… do not do well in crowds. At least, not before them.

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As I rest here, comfortably, upon a chair of my own laurels (small chair), I would like to just take a moment as one of the many minds behind and twice-time chairperson of previous SeyCons to extend my own heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. I am thoroughly impressed and proud to see the conference, the legacy of The Synenose Accord, continuing, thriving and exceeding expectations under new and brilliant stewardship.


Good evening, pilots! As we draw ever closer to SeyCon YC120, it seems due time to reveal the schedule and topics for conversation. As in prior years, we will have several panels that will allow for a more free-flowing and ranging discourse, and several presentations on topics of public interest. Each day’s schedule will begin at approximately 1830 hours, with the Eram Lecture Hall opening a half-hour preceding to allow for pilots to mingle and get to their seats. Pilots should be aware that security aboard the Burreau Memorial Laboratory will be tight, especially in light of certain recent events.

The proceedings will be hosted by Jaret Victorian and Lasairiona Raske.

Saturday, 20th January

  • 1830 hrs - Keynote, Parious Mehoff
  • 1900 hrs - Corrupted Trinary Repositories and Recovery Operations, Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, Trii Seo
  • 2000 hrs - Research and Technology Survey, Jaret Victorian
  • 2030 hrs - Drifter and Sleeper Activity Update, Makoto Priano
  • 2100 hrs - ARC Operations Panel, Makoto Priano, Parious Mehoff, others

Sunday, 21st January

  • 1830 hrs - Discourse and Media Outreach, Jaret Victorian
  • 1900 hrs - Mechanisms of Exploration, Po Huit
  • 2000 hrs - Explorer’s Panel, Katia Sae, Po Huit, others
  • 2100 hrs - Donor’s Ball - Lasairiona Raske

Please note that each day’s closing event does not necessarily have a stated end-point, though I imagine we’ll be endeavoring to not inconvenience pilots! Please also note that the times provided are approximate, given the usual vagaries of presentations, question and answer sessions, transitions, etc.


Will Lasa be singing at this event?

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Seeing as it is a scientific event, no, I won’t be. Thanks for asking though :slight_smile: