Shadow Cartel - Join the gentlemen of lowsec

Hello spacefriends!

Let me give you a quick introduction: I’m ItsmeHcK1, fifth and current leader of Shadow Cartel, the oldest and only surviving (though sometimes barely) lowsec alliance in EVE. I hear you thinking “Wait, didn’t they die?” - We did. But then, we’ve died many times over the years, and yet, here we are. That’s the thing about us; you never really quit being Shadow Cartel. We’ve been around for years and every single member that has been in this alliance is still in touch somehow, whether it is through our Discord, Slack or Facebook groups. Most never even left, because for us, it’s either play in Shadow Cartel or quit. This is because we play differently: We don’t play to win or to be the biggest or the richest. We play to be the most fun. We behave the same way ingame as we would in real life: We treat each other with respect, we keep our word and we behave like respectable gentlemen. We all enjoy a good sex joke from time to time, but generally we try to rise above that. This is the one place in EVE where you can come to relax and not be constantly talked down to or subjected to racism. Aside from all that, we do like to win. To that end, we’re looking to regrow our numbers, which means we’re looking for you! (I hope!)

What we’re looking for:

  • We are a PVP alliance. Everyone needs to krab, but the reason why we play is to see a
    lot of explosions (enemies, preferably). This should be reflected in your priorities.
  • Mature and friendly players. We are a real life first, family friendly alliance. We don’t put up with drama, racism, shitposting, etc. Zero toxicity.
  • Willingness to learn and grow. While most of us own high SP characters and fly a lot of expensive and skill intensive fits, newbros are welcome if you have the right attitude towards learning and being useful.
  • A similar mindset and moral code. We live by our word and expect you to do the same. In fact, I would dare to say that no one who has ever worked/flown with us would have anything bad to say about us. This legacy is our biggest asset and we will not have it defiled.
  • Activity and fun! This is a big one: We want to fly with people who enjoy the game. I know we’re all bittervets, but we still play, so let’s make the most of it.
  • Some knowledge and skill is preferred, but secondary to our culture. We can teach you to be better at EVE, we can’t teach you to be better at being a human.

What we can offer:

  • Family and friends. Like I said before, we are one big family and have been for years. Everyone has been welcomed here with open arms and we will continue to do so. You don’t join SC to be part of the hype or flavour of the month - you join and you stay. Even the ones that do eventually move on to different things stay part of SC. (We’re friendly with most of them.)
  • Content. We have fleet fights and frequent roams in low- and nullsec, and small gang action throughout the day. Also blops. We love blops!
  • No killboard warrioring. You are allowed to die in whatever manner you prefer. You will be laughed at for dying in your extravagant fit, but you are definitely allowed to.
  • People that will offer help and constructive criticism instead of being smug.
  • Comms that won’t make your ears bleed after 5 minutes.
  • SRP for doctrine ships, including capitals.
  • Knowledge and resources. We have been around for years and have survived all of lowsec’s hardest times. We know how to survive here, we know how to make money, and how to run logistics. We can help you get set up, teach you about the necessary mechanics, and help you survive.
  • Countless friends in EVE. Being known as the gentlemen of lowsec has its advantages: Wherever you go in EVE, you will find friends of Shadow Cartel. You feel like a change of scenery? You can fly with almost everyone, from wormholers to big nullsec blocs.

Practical stuff:
If you’ve read all this (omg wall of text) and feel like you might be a good fit for us and vice versa, feel free to hit us up basically anywhere. You can find us ingame in the channel Shadow Cartel Public, on our forums, or you can hit me up on Discord or in EVE. If you’re still on the fence, you can also check our horrible killboard, which mostly consists of living legend TrouserDeagle repeatedly inappropriately touching vehicles of the naval variety using the weirdest concoctions.

I’m still on the fence, can you do more to convince me?
We sure can! We have a weekly open roam on Wednesday at 18:00. If you want to see what we’re like, or if you’re just bored and need a night of random fun, come join us! Just make sure to be in Aeschee at 18:00, we’ll have something for you to fly.


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Best of luck lads! Bump for great bunch of people!

Cheers to the group that continually gave Jump amazing fights and relative friendship. Hope to see ya down our way again soon.


I want to join but my epeen is to big… will you guys consider me

Big epeens are a prerequisite. You’ll fit right in!

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Awesome dudes. Great to see the enthusiasm flooding back :smiley:


To the top! Join today space friends!

Hello Citizens!

This is a little strange, well let me tell you my backgroun, I have been an “operator” for 14 year, thats what I like to do and I have been very good at it. Yes I have been burned some times but thats not even 1% of the time. I have no problem to secretly cause trouble and relay info to my overlorda. But I was 13 month into a contract job against this guys when I just sat straight up and proclaimed loudly “do they have to be so f-ing nice” I went on jabber with my handler and said this is the last info from. I just couldnt protect myself from the friendly and caring atmoshpere. So I slowly disconnected from them and promised myself to never try it again with this guys.

To get to the point from another angle this is for sure top ten communitys in Eve

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