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Embers Public = chat

Team Embers is group of players reaching our goals as a group.

We have access to train pilots for Fleet command, skirmish command, or just an F1 pilot.

If you are interested in the war front that is going on right now and would like to be part of it let me know.

Our main goal is to provide content to you the player.

  • Moons * PVP * PVE * Home defense *
  • Give you the chance to lead our pilots into a fight

Let us help you get to where you want to be in Eve. We as a group have everything you could want in the game. I’ve been playing since 2003 and understand the grind, and what it takes to make it where you want to be.

The game is a lot more fun with a group of players that care and are willing to assist you in any way possible. If you are serious about extending your wealth, & or production we can help you get there. If all you want to do is achieve isk we can help you also.

Ultimately all we want is well rounded players that are here for the fun of the game. Someone that is willing to help out another achieve goals along with achieving their own goals.

Help us help you Pod players…

Yes we have Moons R64, 32 ect… we have what you want come and get it!!!

We want your guns pointed at the hostiles, and your miners pointed at the Moon Goo.
Join our chat room and well discuss your future with Embers.

We also understand that real life is always priority…

Talk soon


Onat Five

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