ShekelSquad C5-C5

ShekelSquad is a High-class wormhole corp living in a C5-C5 Red Giant.

Wormhole space PvP is our main focus and we are constantly striving to improve and bring the good fights. Most of our content comes from rolling our static and scanning our chain (in the form of ganking site runners or brawling other corps.) We do also have opportunities for null roams and/or blopsing.

We have industrial services available for those interested, you’ll have a place helping fuel the war machine but keep in mind this is a PvP corp first. We want to take every fight we can.

We are mostly USTZ with some EU and AU membership.

We are laid back for the most part, and of course believe in taking care of your Real Life stuff first. Being an active hunter in chain is certainly appreciated but there is no minimum activity requirement. We stay in touch with Slack, so just get on when you can

At the moment, USTZ recruitment is pretty selective, but EUTZ and AUTZ would love to have a chat with you and give you a shot to learn and join in.

What we offer:

  • Focus on wormhole PvP

  • Null roaming and blopsing opportunities.

  • C5 isk making opportunities.

  • Access to Industrial Services

  • 100% corp funded Logi and dictors.

  • Wanna fly caps? that can be arranged.

What we require:

Nestor (for your own isk making), or be otherwise isk independent.

Good scanning skills and cov ops frigate (obviously.)

Be able or close to flying 2 of the following: DPS(HAM Loki, Damnation, HAM Legion) Logi (Guardian), Support (Loki, Bhaalgorn)

Be able or close to flying 1 of the following: DPS (Sleipnir, Hurricane Fleet Issue), Logi (Scimitar), Support (Huginn, Latchesis)

Full API key

Teamspeak 3

Bonus points if you:

  • have prior wormhole experience

  • have a scanning alt

  • a capital alt

  • if you fly dictors I will love you

If you are interested and/or have any questions, please, PM me or contact one of our recruiters in game via mail or in our public channel SHKLPub.

USTZ Steel Roamer
EUTZ Teddy Gbyc
AUTZ Balthasar Enaka

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Who is sexier Róisín Murphy?

Or Dido?

111 million sp toon with useful alts searching for pvp corp

Not a chance


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Still looking for more autz/eutz players

+1 really good at feeding tornados

I believe we’d welped our new doctrine and was understocked on anything armour at the time…

Hey, at least we tried. More than I can say for most lol

Definitely. +Respect for actually undocking and fighting instead of instantly rolling away like Tempest Legion always tries to do.