Shield Slaves?

Were supposed to be released at the end of summer… two seasons later no mention? Any news on these at ALL? Cause it’d be reealllly nice to have some new content that wasn’t more pve garbage. kthx <3

I expected some idea about using slaves to replenish shields, then it hit me that this is about the implant set and I left disappointed. :disappointed:


Agreed. Dull. Needs more D/s.


Too cruel even for Amarr. You can use shield fedos instead.

ill have you know my “Brutor Barrier” is one of the more popular packages in amarr.

messy granted but part of the charm i think.


You look like you want to receive a Khuumak to the other eye.

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I’m kinda wondering how the shield slaves work…

Duck tape them to the hull with just a air hose in their mouths and their eyes bugging out because of the vacuum. And the first few shots are hitting the hull are pounding the to stains on the hull…

Or them in rows in the cargo hold, running on big hamster wheels connected to the shield generators to make more power. “Slave driver” hitting with tazor whips to keep the running…

You are walking the thin line just now between minmatar and drifter forces. Elders would not allow it and there is no Jamyl to save Amarr anymore. Drifters would gladly join the vendetta too after crimes commited by Amarr on sleeping Jove nation.

Why not both? Supply some roughage, a box of matches, and relocate the hose. System would work like real life reactive armor and detonate the vapor products to deflect the force of the incoming charge.

Pump them up with steroids that way they angry enough to try to head but the incoming laser beams.

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well now ,
thats going to be dictated entirely by your budget.

packages start at literal meat shield , which is the affordable (if disposable) option.

more premium packages would include good to excellent stock (again, budget dependant)
and be of an arguably less disposable nature,
i offer a range of equipment from the aforementioned hamster wheel (a big one for multiple slaves)
to bespoke treadmills or the Pedal-A-Watt Stationary Bike™

Or just have them sit in rush hour traffic, erm, jita undock for an hour until they rage naturally and save the isk on the chems.

Enraged or not wouldn’t they be boosted in em resistance by tinfoil hats?

I beg to differ, if anything it’s far too tame for us Amarrians.

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