Ship Doctorines Mega Thread

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I noticed there is almost 0 pages on net about fleet doctorines, what are good ones what are pros and cons and how to counter them. So im starting this mega thread where you should post

If you have questions about some doctorine (How do i FC XXX fleet, How do you counter XXX Doctorine, what are pros and cons of XXX fleet)

Hope people catch onto this and use this 1 mega thread to explain and follow EVEs Meta, and maybe help some newer FCs to not suck when choosing doctorine

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The goal of this thread is at odds with the reality of the thread.

There are an insane number of different doctrines that work, with different variations of each doctrine, which means that assuming anyone posts their doctrine fits (they won’t if they have even the smallest semblance of #opsec) the thread will get bloated VERY quickly.

If the thread gets bloated, finding the “current” meta will not work, because the fit that was in favour, fell out of favour, and is now in favour again is somewhere on page 34. Or it gets reposted time and again, making the thread highly redundant.

Newer FCs should ride shotgun in their corp/alliance fleets until they understand their doctrines inside and out. At that point, their mentor should ride shotgun and silently observe. Once the fleet is concluded (be it in pieces or docked in station) feedback offered.

When the mentor can say “I’m satisfied”, the FC is good to go.

If new FCs were to come here for doctrines, I guarentee they’re just going to get disillusioned.

“No, we already have a Cerb doctrine. Too much training, too much isk investment to maintain two HAC doctrines”.

No, we have doctrines already. Use those.

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Oh boy…i was writing doctrines wrong my whole life…

And Old Perv you didnt get the point of this Thread but its fine lets just let this die out, i tried to do something positive to help out newer FCs but that


Yes since there are no sites like zkill or any other place we could actually look up doctorines some groups fly… opsec…lol

What about FCs in FW Militia, what about FCs in etc. Spectre fleet what about FCs in high sec corps that do not have any other corp FC. Who will teach them pros and cons of doctorines enemy and yours alike and how to counter both. Also you are saying until they “understand their doctrines” what we are doing here is not teaching FCs to fly doctorines of their alliances but to give them info what to expect when they get D-scan linked of 40man Ferox fleet for exsample

“Ofcourse you can try it, just import fits and ships by yourself, make fleet and fly it out not like you will get kicked out of alliance for importing ships by yourself and giving ppl content…” Also no one says “That doctrine looks really cool”…

And you really are pushing that “our doctorines” thing you came up by yourself…

Also i just had to point out stupidity in your post, but im standing by what I said about giving up about this, im filing report ticket to mods to close this attempt to maybe help some Eve players

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tbf its a pretty weird thread im not sure how you expect people to approach it
like if you wanna teach people to fc then its better to say understand the strengths and weaknesses of group comps
like maybe you have to kill a gang of

2 guardians
2 cerbs
2 deimos

now fc your gang against a small gang like that or something
idk what youre really trying to do with this thread sorry

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More of a ppl asking how do i counter Cerberuses? Or guys my alliance has LM jackdaw doctorine, when should i be using it? Stuff like that

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thats why its kind of a weird thread
you counter them like you counter any other fleet
by blapping them one by one with alpha damage
thats all there is to fleet doctrines really

maybe some zealots for popping smaller stuff on grid

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AKA explaining how you use a doctrine can impact how enemy FCs respond to you flying that doctrine. For example, if someone says they prefer having X number of hyenas on their brawling fleet doctrine, you can plan accordingly. The level of autism some people have when planning out strategic ops does get that high. Ask any high skill FC if they get headshotted (whether they’re the FC of that fleet or not) and they’ll tell you yes they often do get blapped at the start of an engagement. We have a number of extraordinary FCs, and when we face a competent fleet in a stratop, they’re the first to go.

In all cases, if you’re taking someone who doesn’t know what you’re doing and throwing them under the bus, they’re gonna get squished. Experience will teach. They can read all they want here and elsewhere. Until they’ve fought these things, it’s all academic to them and it will take them by surprise in most cases when a doctrine’s strength is demonstrated by an experienced FC against them. As I originally said, a new FC will learn things best by riding shotgun.

If they haven’t got experienced FCs, why is anyone in that corp/alliance? (caveat, of course, being that the alliance intent is PVP).

Hey guys, please buy these 300m isk ships that we’ve never flown before - I imported them all out for you. If we whelp (and we will because I’m a noob FC), it probably won’t be covered under SRP because it isn’t an alliance doctrine.

You know what most of your alliance membership will NOT be saying? “Sure!”. There are always the bored rich ones that don’t care about whelping ships… but those are a minority.

I say it all the time. I’m constantly playing in pyfa coming up with interesting combinations. Once I have a combination that I like, which fills a niche we either don’t fill or don’t fill very well, I post the fits to our leadership and we discuss the matter.

For example, a smartbombing dominix gatecamp. Warp to the gate at 100, drop sentry drones, MJD to the gate and wait for them to jump in. You have a sniper fit ABC waiting with the drones, drones assisted to the ABC. As soon as the target(s) jump in, smartbombs go up. The ABC drone bunny starts gibbing the bigger stuff while the small stuff gets annihilated by the SB. A HIC on the gate keeps non-nullified things from just warping off.

While I’m sure someone has already thought of it before, I have never seen it and I think it would be deliciously funny to blap a fleet before they can do anything.

That’s because any real alliance does have its own doctrines. It has training plans for its members that allow its members to fly those ships. It has FCs who’ve practiced, trained, and learned through hard experience what those ships are capable of.