Ship Scanner / scan results

Hello all

I am here today to talk to you about the “Ship Scanner”
A tool I use many hours a day, and i am becoming increasingly frustrated with the non logical way it functions.
Specificly the way it doesn’t “save” its results when you do multiple scans in a row on the same target.
I don’t understand how you can make a 70% scan, and then the next scan on the same target you can get a 0% scan.
It doesn’t seem like a logical mechanic, game or lore wise to me.
Surely in this distant and advanced future, a computer would be able to save scan results and carry them on to the next result of the same target.
So when you do your first scan, maybe you get 50% of the modules, next scan you get the same random scan % as now, but you also keep the 50% from the previous scan
Thereby “building” up a your scan results.

1st scan = 30% > 2nd scan = 50% (+30%) = 80% > 3rd scan = 10% (+80%) = 90%
1st scan = 0% > 2nd scan = 60% (+0%) = 60% > 3rd scan 80% (+60%) =/= 100%

Thoughts anyone?

And of course I would love for CCP to change the ship scanner to give 100% scan results every time like the cargo scanner, but I fear that might be too much to ask for :frowning:

It’s not intended to give you a perfect scan of the target’s fitting/capacitor/etc.

There is an inherent level of uncertainty in order to preserve what CCP believes is “game balance”.

If you ask for “thoughts”, mine is that it’s operating as intended. There is always going to be some kind of wiggle room and ambiguity when it comes to ship scans.

Depend in what you are using that information for may alter the advantages / disadvantages of performing a ship scan, but that ambiguity is in place purposefully in order to prevent you from getting a perfect scan once and always.

I completly agree that it is working as intended, that is what i would like to change.

The fact that you can get lucky and get a 100% scan on the first try and then get a 0% scan or anything in between that in a row after that, or vice versa, just seems like a lazy form of RNG “balance mechanic” to me.

It is.
You’ve figured it out.

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