Ship skins, from frigates to titans

what topic says - located in Jita 4-4

Armageddon “Blaze” Squadron SKIN - 300m
Barghest “Blaze” Squadron SKIN - 700m
Cerberus “Blaze” Squadron SKIN - 650m
Hurricane “Blaze” Squadron SKIN - 370m
Ishtar “Blaze” Squadron SKIN - 650m
Oracle “Blaze” Squadron SKIN - 300m

Avatar Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN - 1.7b
Avatar EoM SKIN - 2b
Avatar Eros Blossom SKIN - 10b
Avatar Headhunter SKIN - 3b
Avatar Lavacore Imperial SKIN - 1.9b
Avatar Malagrin Marshlight SKIN - 2b
Avatar Star Captain SKIN - 3b

Eagle Cordite Blossom SKIN - 400m
Ferox Cordite Blossom SKIN - 350m
Hurricane Cordite Blossom SKIN - 350m
Punisher Cordite Blossom SKIN - 300m
Sabre Cordite Blossom SKIN - 300m
Slasher Cordite Blossom SKIN - 220m
Zealot Cordite Blossom SKIN - 300m

Erebus Federal Police SKIN - 1b

Guardian Emergency Response Squad SKIN - 6b

Hel Headhunter SKIN - 2.2b
Nyx Headhunter SKIN - 2.2b

Gila Aetheric Raiders SKIN - 300m
Rattlesnake Aetheric Raiders SKIN - 1b
Worm Aetheric Raiders SKIN - 180m

Sin Serpentis SKIN - 1.9b

Nyx Headhunter SKIN / Hel Headhunter SKIN 1.7b for both.

that wont even get you one


Nyx Headhunter SKIN - 1.5b offer
Avatar Eros Blossom SKIN -5b offer

Eve mail me for any further discussions

Do you still have the Avatar Eros Blossom skin?

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