WTS: Super/Titan Skins

Decided to clean out some skins(all located in jita):

Avatar Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN (Permanent) - 2.5B
Avatar EoM SKIN (Permanent) - 3B
Avatar Eros Blossom SKIN (Permanent) - 6B
Avatar Headhunter SKIN (Permanent) - 3B
Avatar Imperial Jubilee SKIN (Permanent) - 2.2B
Avatar Lavacore Imperial SKIN (Permanent) - 3B
Avatar Star Captain SKIN (Permanent) - 3.7B
Hel Headhunter SKIN (Permanent) - 3.4B
Nyx Headhunter SKIN (Permanent) - 3.2B
Ragnarok Shakim Warlord SKIN (Permanent) - 2.2B
Guardian Emergency Response Squad SKIN (Permanent) - 2.8B

At time of listing everything is below jita, if not make an offer 30m below jita :slight_smile:

have a leviathan head hunter by any chance?

nope, sorry :frowning:

Do you have 2x Avatar Imperial Jubilee SKIN?

only one

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