Ships for security missions

hi just looking for a ship recommendation for level 3 and 4 security missions, (dont mind the race just put it out whats a nice ship for level 3 and 4). also what type for weapon (just say like t1 missile or t2 projectile and just gonna look online for a fit) thanks!


Here is a phrase you will be hearing a lot in EVE:

“It depends.”

In general terms, Level 3 and 4 missions require a decent amount of firepower (500+ damage per second, minimum) and either a beefy (ish) tank OR high speed.

Because of this, you should be looking towards Battlecruisers and Battleships.
If you prefer to utilize speed, Cruisers and Battlecruisers.

Bear in mind that as ships get larger, the character skill requirements and technical knowledge needed to use said character skills increase.
This is because larger ships are slower (see: the have trouble dictating range) and have issues with “point defense” (see: NPC frigates become an actual threat)

All that said…

Pretty much any battlecruiser or battleship can run level 3 and 4 missions. Some are more optimal than others, but people do have preferences in terms of what weapons, tactics, and “flavor” (race) they prefer to use.

Unfortunately I can’t give anything more specific without more information.
What kinds of tactics do your prefer?
How much money do you have to work with?
What region of space are your currently operating out of?

Also… relevant topic below. :slight_smile:

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lets say for level 4 mission would you recommend the t1 battleship version or the “navy issue” ones? whats the big difference between them?

edit: for tactic im more of a sniper (dont like brawling)
i’ve got about 2b (got some plex)
im operating in caldari space, 1 or 2 jumps from jita.

Okay… that helps. :slight_smile:

To answer your “Navy Issue” question first:
They are basically beefier versions of their Tech 1 variants with a little extra fitting room and (typically) more combat focused bonuses.
Essentially, they are “nice to have” rather than “must have” ships.

For a more “sniper focused” ship…

  • Raven: While it takes the brunt of a few jokes among veterans, you can’t go wrong with this ship. Think of it as the “Toyota Corolla” of PvE battleships; plain, simple, easy to use.
    It uses missiles to dish the bulk of its damage and has drones for point defense. For range, you may want to consider using a MicroJumpdrive.

  • Dominx: Similar to the Raven in that it is a “generic” PvE battleship, but it does its job quite well.
    Like the Raven you can use a MicroJumpdrive to gain range and pick off NPCs as they come towards you. Unlike the Raven, it uses Drones and Turrets to dish out damage… both of which require more skills and finesse to utilize.

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thank you!

Note: if you go with turret/missile Battleships - make sure you have decently skilled drones anyway and at least 1 flight of light drones with you to kill small targets around you (NPC spider drones and elite frigates can a handful to deal with in close range).


There is a special kind of ships, designed by CCP for mission running. It is called maradeurs, bonused for tractor beams, immunity for NPC ewar etc… But it is a long way to skill into one.
Other options are
Dominix with sentry drones - entry level, you can have 600 - 800 DPS depends on range. And it will be instant damage.
Rattlesnake - L4 full room clear , up to 1400 dps with reasonable tank, bonus only for thermal and kinetic.
Machariel - L4 mission blitz machine, quick warp and move. Pick few blitzable missions, use Rattlesnake for the rest.
Particular fits you can find in my numerous posts I really do not want to repeat them here.

For level 3 I would use a battlecruiser if you want to do it easily. Level 4 needs a battleship i’m afraid.


how are marauders designed by ccp for level 4 missions?

I find it hard to accept that there is a specific ship designed to maximise profit within a specific area of gameplay. I think it’s because I like to choose things for myself, and work things out: I guess it’s the illusion of freedom?

It’s why I wanted to campaign for a high-sec capital ship - I love the idea that there is a better way of doing mission running that is more efficient than the battleship (whether it’s T1, navy or marauder), it’s like a dream that I want to aim for.

ccp please give us a high-sec capital!


One of the things I like about Eve is the uniqueness of different areas of space. Granted it’s not as pronounced as it was five or even 10 years ago, but it still exists.

If you want Capital ship PvE content there are two areas of space where you can do that.
In one area it is fairly secure do to alliance / coalition power blocks. In the other area it is far less secure and you could get a PvP fight anytime.

I guess you could technically capital rat in low sec also…

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But Scarlett, imagine being able to use capitals in highsec - even if the payout from level 4 missions was only slightly improved, i’d be so grateful for the option.

I don’t play in null the other areas anyway.

Honestly Natocha, It’s hard for me to imagine running level 4’s in a capital. Last time I really ran missions was some time ago. When Rattlesnakes first came out, I wanted to see what they could do. Fitted one out (no real bling, I’m kinda cheap), and took it on a few level 4’s.

Basically you could launch drones and go get coffee.

I imagine that high sec capitals would also push just about every corp of a dozen people or so out of structures as they could not defend them against capital ship bashing.

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@erg_cz thanx for link.

They mount half as many weapons as their Tech 1 equivalents, but have damage bonuses that let them deal at least as much DPS.

@CCP it isn’t a damage bonus if you cut one thing in half and add another. It = the same as the tier 1, just different name. Stop trying to pull wool over our eyes with your pretend traits.

The spare highslots are usually dedicated to tractor beams and salvagers, so that mission-runners can salvage as they go

@CCP are you serious? Is this supposed to make me feel like you care about poor old carebears and mission runners?

I wonder how much isk per hour those spare highslots add from said salvager and tractor. They expect us to spend 1000 hours in mission belts to rake in a possible extra half a million isk from salvaging etc…it’s disgusting.

Their most unique feature is that they can fit a Bastion Module, which immobilizes the Marauder for 60 seconds, but grants improved weapon range, immunity to electronic warfare and a spectacular bonus to their tank.

Granted the added tank bonus is good, but the equal to battleship dps is terrible and should be changed. Also, immunity to electronic warfare is useless in level 4 missions. Useless.

They are expensive though - most of them costing about one billion ISK.

A waste of isk, unless you want the tank. For level 4 missions - you’d get bored of them after a few months, and I have.

Also ccp expect us to spend 60 days extra training time even if you have battleship for your race at level V.

I want a ship that is better and brings in more isk per hour, not equal to the nullsec carriers, but at least 500 dps more power than a standard battleship with max skills and implants.

Or just something fun.

Bring back the WOW EDGE to gaming!

The reason its a bonus, is because you use half the amount of ammo while dealing the same damage.

This helps conserve space in your cargo hold, as well as spend less isk on ammunition.

Actually, its worth more than that. Plus the tractor beam can be used to bring in the wrecks closer, so you can loot them. And yes, many level 4 missions offer tags that go for ten million isk easily from 1 mission.

Why? Its a battleship. incase you werent aware, marauders are battleships.

Its like youve never ran a level 4 mission against other pirate factions before.

And when CCP gives you it, what prevents the next person from coming around saying “I want something that deals 500 more DPS than the previous ship!”.

All your reasons to have a better battleship is rubbish, and so is this.

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Seems strange to be debating so thoroughly the merits of a ship that has been in the game nearly 12 years now…

Are you in shock with how foolish you were, not realizing what the bonuses of having half the turrets/launchers would be?

Fair point Scarlett, I’m just a passionate loud mouth hehe

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