Shockwave Unlimited - Industry focused with PvE/PvP fleets for fun

Shockwave Unlimited (UNLTD) is actively recruiting members to join the ranks. We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to concentrate on industry (mining, building, researching), whilst whilst working as a team and accomplishing our Corp industry goals.

We have access to multiple structures with good rigs for manufacturing, research and refining. As well a clone bays and other services. We will be actively filling orders of ships and mod through Corp mining fleets, to go to PvP corps involved in Faction Warfare and other PvP activities

Shockwave also provides an ore purchasing program that benefits both the members and the corp.

We have veteran leadership who are experienced across all facets of EvE. We also like to small fleet PvE and PvP into WH’s, low sec and null sec on the odd occasion to change things up.

We are looking for members who are:

  • willing to have fun, cooperate and participate;
  • are active and involved in the corporation; and
  • have a sense of humour or mindful of others who do.

We are currently focused and active in:

  • All TZ’s;
  • Gallente high sec/low sec space;
  • Mining;
  • Industry;
  • Mission Running from lvl 1 to lvl 4 - level 5 experienced;
  • Small fleet PvP in WH’s or low & null sec;
  • All other types of multiplayer PvE with corp member participation; and
  • Communicate with corp members in Discord, voice and text.

Please reply or reach out to myself or any other member of the corporation for recruitment or further information.

Have fun.

Shockwave Unlimited.

We are in good standing and relationship with a faction warfare alliance and have been asked to help supply ship doctines. Need goal focused miners and industry people to help achieve the orders.

Happy to recruit others that like other aspects of the game too. We have access to med/large PvP and like to do small fleet PvE for shits and giggles.

Apply to Shockwave. Be you!


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