[SHOP] Redek's Abyssal Module Shop

Welcome to my Abyssal shop

To buy any item, please contact me in game via mail and I will create the contract.

Price are negotiable

New items are added daily, and list will be updated.


100MN AB 164% | Price: 250m

100MN AB 164%

Energy Neutralizers
Heavy Neut 774GJ 34.36km | Price: 850m

Heavy Neut 774GJ 34.36km

Heavy Neut 751GJ 36.02km | Price: 900m

Heavy Neut 751GJ 36km

Shield Extenders
Large Shield Ext 3461hp | Price: 600m

Large Shield Ext 3461hp

Warp Disruptors
35.03km | Price:550m

Warp Disruptor 35.03km

32.34km | Price: 300m

point 32km

Warp Scramblers
12.69km | Price: 450m

Warp Scrambler 12.69km

Stasis Webifiers
-48.9% 17.48km | Price: 850m

Web 48.9% 17.48km

-49.4% 17.38km | Price: 600m

Web 49.4% 17.38km

-53% 17.47km | Price: 820m

Web 53% 17.47km

-54.8% 16.51km | Price: 400m

Web 54.8% 16.51km

-58.6% 16.34km | Price: 600m

Web 58.6% 16.34km

-63.9% 14.68km | Price: 500m

Web 63.9% 14.68km

-64% 15.68km | Price: 720m

Web 64% 15.68km

-64.9% 15.86km | Price: 1.2b

Web 64.9% 15.86km

-62.6% 16.21km | Price: 750m

Web 62.6% 16.21km

-64% 15.82km | Price: 750m


-59% 17.76km | Price: 1.3b

Web 59% 17.76km

Medium Armor Repairers
44.8 HP/s 2.1 HP/GJ | Price: 250m


Microwarp Drives
546% Speed / 281.9% Sig / 51GJ | Price: 700m


566.5% speed / 313% sig / 33.88GJ | Price: 1.5b


569.4% speed 323% sig / 61GJ | Price: 700m

569.4%-323% sig-61.81gj

Still selling! Will be adding more modules today.
Lots of great webs on here.

Bump, still selling!
Have a couple new modules I’ll be adding shortly, once their Hypernet expires.

Still open for sale.
Added a few new mods:
3 awesome 5MN MWDs, a great medium armor repper, a 64% / 15.82km web, and some others.

Send me a mail and we can talk!

Shop still open! Send me a mail!

Will be adding a pretty crazy XL Shield Booster once I get home.

Shop still open. Adding more modules tonight. Prices negotiable.

Bump, still some pretty great mods here

Bump, added a new web and heavy energy neutralizer.

Shop still open. You can also check for contracts made by me, I’ve got other ones there that are quite good.