[SHOP] Redek's Abyssal Module Shop

Welcome to my Abyssal shop

To buy any item, please contact me in game via mail and I will create the contract.

Price are negotiable

New items are added daily, and list will be updated.


100MN AB 164% | Price: 250m

100MN AB 164%

Energy Neutralizers
Heavy Neut 774GJ 34.36km | Price: 850m

Heavy Neut 774GJ 34.36km

Heavy Neut 751GJ 36.02km | Price: 900m

Heavy Neut 751GJ 36km

Shield Extenders
Large Shield Ext 3461hp | Price: 600m

Large Shield Ext 3461hp

Warp Disruptors
35.03km | Price:550m

Warp Disruptor 35.03km

32.34km | Price: 300m

point 32km

Warp Scramblers
12.69km | Price: 450m

Warp Scrambler 12.69km

Stasis Webifiers
-48.9% 17.48km | Price: 850m

Web 48.9% 17.48km

-49.4% 17.38km | Price: 600m

Web 49.4% 17.38km

-53% 17.47km | Price: 820m

Web 53% 17.47km

-54.8% 16.51km | Price: 400m

Web 54.8% 16.51km

-58.6% 16.34km | Price: 600m

Web 58.6% 16.34km

-63.9% 14.68km | Price: 500m

Web 63.9% 14.68km

-64% 15.68km | Price: 720m

Web 64% 15.68km

-64.9% 15.86km | Price: 1.2b

Web 64.9% 15.86km

-62.6% 16.21km | Price: 750m

Web 62.6% 16.21km

-64% 15.82km | Price: 750m


-59% 17.76km | Price: 1.3b

Web 59% 17.76km

Medium Armor Repairers
44.8 HP/s 2.1 HP/GJ | Price: 250m


Microwarp Drives
546% Speed / 281.9% Sig / 51GJ | Price: 700m


566.5% speed / 313% sig / 33.88GJ | Price: 1.5b


569.4% speed 323% sig / 61GJ | Price: 700m

569.4%-323% sig-61.81gj

Still selling! Will be adding more modules today.
Lots of great webs on here.

Bump, still selling!
Have a couple new modules I’ll be adding shortly, once their Hypernet expires.

Still open for sale.
Added a few new mods:
3 awesome 5MN MWDs, a great medium armor repper, a 64% / 15.82km web, and some others.

Send me a mail and we can talk!

Shop still open! Send me a mail!

Will be adding a pretty crazy XL Shield Booster once I get home.

Shop still open. Adding more modules tonight. Prices negotiable.

Bump, still some pretty great mods here

Bump, added a new web and heavy energy neutralizer.

Shop still open. You can also check for contracts made by me, I’ve got other ones there that are quite good.

Sale still open, adding more modules later tonight. You can also look my name up under contracts, I have a lot of other ones listed on contract that are not here in the forum post.

Still open for sale.

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