Short Bus Buccaneers - [SLOW]: NPSI / After hours / Play your own way but with friends

Euro based (but open to anyone) NPSI / Casual / Fun Nightdweller Corp

[5H0R1] is recruiting!

The Short Bus Buccaneers is a real life and fun first „after work“ corporation.
Our aim is to provide a fun atmosphere for our members to enjoy Eve the way they want. While our focus will be in PvP, we accept every form of gameplay and content our members want to take.

Short Bus Buccaneers has been founded as a part of the Slow Children At Play Alliance. As such we aim to grow as a corp and develop our skills that are needed to support the alliance in what it does:

  • Create an enjoyable community to play Eve or even other games in
  • We aim to create an environment in Eve that enables players to play the content they desire. While we focus on pvp we want to give members options for PvP, PvE, Mining, Production, Trading… you name it.
  • Ingame Objectives can be fluid.


  • Access to nullsec for ratting and mining
  • Access to wormhole PvE and industry
  • Every willing member can contribute to content creation
  • Corp internal Logistics program for nullsec upkeep
  • Loot Buyback and SRP program

Having fun and real life will always come first in this corporation.
We are Shiftworkers and Nightdwellers with the current core of the corp based in EU but open to everyone.
Everyone can participate in content creation if they wish.
The alliance has access to a wormhole.
Corp and Alliance also have Spectre Fleet FCs of varying skill levels. Taking part in all the different NPSI Communitys isn’t only possible but highly encouraged for members of this corporation and alliance.

We are not turning away newbros, but since we define ourselves as after-work-hours corp we probably aren’t they best corp to get trained in (limited time). However, we should be interesting for returning players looking for a relaxed time and plenty of targets all over New Eden.

Also see our Code of Conduct, Goals and Corp Structure Info:


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