Shortcut to launch account from launcher

Hi All,

is it possible to make shortcut that would automatically launch an account?
For example:
eve.exe /account=MyAccount

Also, does it break EULA if I hook any method in the launcher to trigger account launching? Instead of mouse clicking on the account?

Thank you

Submit a ticket and ask if you aren’t sure something will violate the rules

ISBEL (isBoxer Eve Launcher) can do that, its not against the rules and can be used standalone (you dont have to use IsBoxer)

it seems that ISBEL was not updated for 1 year and it is no longer working. I tried it, but adding accounts fails on communication with Eve servers.

I have created ticket to confirm if this is allowed.

This is the latest build, 12 Oct 2021.

If anyone uses ISBEL, you still have to open the eve launcher for updates once a day. Let it update, then you can close it and use ISBEL.

Thanks, but does not seems to be working properly for me. I cannot set “Profile”, there is no option to create one and every instance is launched with default settings :confused:

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