Should exploration pay more when compared to other activities?

I enjoy Eve exploration and the hacking/relic mini game. But realistically, I probably make as much ISK per hour AFK mining in high sec as I do putting my ships and loot at risk scanning down wormholes, hopping into them and doing sites. I know that the occasional site will pay more but if you spend more time scanning in order to find that site (and the scanning part is fairly boring), why am I doing boring/risky stuff to make less ISK than an AFK mining barge can make? Just my thoughts there.


Interesting question. :thinking:

Would CCP care to answer?

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Yes. Yes it should. Mining and doing sites is just so numbingly boring for me, I can’t bring myself to it. Fun/h > isk/h, but it would help a ton if data sites weren’t mostly worthless.

You enjoy it and you call it boring. Which is it?

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He only said the scanning part is boring, as opposed to the hacking itself.


The point is that he shouldn’t need to get paid as much to do something he enjoys.

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I think that this is why he keeps doing it so far.

@Count_of_MonteCylon the answer is yes it should. But what are you comparing here? 1 account doing data/relic against 1 account in (semi)AFK mining in say mackinaw? I doubt that mining would come even here.

Also forget about whs is my advice, I think the time spent scanning dozens of signatures that ain’t what you are looking for is not worth it. And data relic sucks there. My recommendations is nullsec, there are very few signature and you need to fly around a lot, but it has also advantages - safety of local and at some point you will have all systems scanned down so you won’t have to rescan all these whs and combats and will just fly around to find that respawned relic.

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Relic exploration is still one of the best paying relatively low skillpoint activity. You should easily get 100M/h and north of in normal times. When events are on probably much more.

The point is, you need to know things, as always in EvE as competitive as it is. Ever heard of intact armor plates and where to get them?

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I don’t know how much has changed, but when I explored a lot two years ago I would make 50-100 million per hour exploring (with ups and downs of 0 for hours, or a lucky hour of 300).

I don’t see myself making that much AFK mining in high sec on a single account.

Perhaps you’re doing something wrong?

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look up “aceface” on youtube . he’s currently running a “100 million isk” challenge , using an alpha heron .

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others already replied
but you are doing it the wrong way
you are not doing an activity only to earn isks, man. this is a game. Not a job
you do explo because you like it. you like to scan and wonder what scan will find out. You like to compete with other explorers. You like to try a sleeper cache or a ghost site and not being blown up. You like to dive into a wormhole and find it scary

Stop focusing on isks/h ratio and focus on fun/h

“why am I doing boring/risky stuff to make less ISK than an AFK mining barge can make?”

because you like it , man. If you don’t, stick with you exciting afk mining activity


switch to mining, let explorers make the job.


Mining is so super exiting, can I mine this rocks before CCP sees me relaxing and chilling and deletes the belts?

I just kill the rats inside and take the loot :slight_smile:

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