"Show on Map" no longer works, and other legacy map issues

Whether my map is already open or not, clicking Show on Map does not open the map, nor does it actually bring the map focus to the system I am trying to select. Anybody else having this issue?

Also, when I press F10 to open the map, my current system is not centered. The map is at a random point in space, so I have to right-click and center on current system, or selection.

Sometimes the world map control panel doesn’t open. I have to right-click to bring it back up.

I have a feeling I pressed the wrong key somewhere along the line and did this myself. How can I fix my map?

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Maybe try ‘Clearing all cache files’ in Esc menu.

Here’s a thought, might get the map to reset itself. Select the ‘Try the new map’ option in ‘General Settings’ of Esc menu, then close Esc menu, open up map, close map, re-open Esc menu and deselect the option to use new map.

The only other thing I can think of is open ‘Shared Cache’ of Launcher and verify all downloaded files. (select ‘E’ icon located in top right header of Launcher to access drop down menu, select ‘Shared Cache’, then select ‘Verify’)

:red_circle: This is completely intentional. CCP keeps depreciating the old map but also does not fix anything on the new map to make it actually usable. You also cannot see the Reaction indices in the old map. That’s CCP for you.

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I was worried this might be the correct answer. I am just trying to remain optimistic about the game…

DMC, I already tried toggling the new map on/off which didn’t fix my issue. I will clear the cache later this evening when I get back home to my computer

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Yeah, I don’t think the ‘Show On Map’ option has worked for quite a while now.

However whenever I open the old map, it’s always centered on the system I’m located in, that’s why I suggested clearing cache files in Esc menu and verifying all downloaded files in ‘Shared cache’ of the Launcher.

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