Shuttles in Frigate Bays

I would like to suggest having battleship frigate bays able to carry shuttles. This is primarily for role-playing purposes. The crew of the ‘Clear Skies’ went down to the surface of a planet in a shuttle and I would like to have the option to carry a shuttle in the bay.

Would all that many people be interested? Probably not, but I wonder how much programming it would take.


Weirdly, I like this idea - and mainly because carrying a shuttle as a runabout on a battleship feels right (I do play Eve in character rather than just an activity).
It would also be useful when relocating a battleship - shuttle to pick-up, fly battleship to destination then shuttle back home. I rather dislike just travelling in a pod. Feels naked.

Difficulty: depends on database structures and how objects are defined. It’s probably just a matter of adding class identifiers to an allow list - potential a simple change. But there may be an oddity that scuppers that assumption.

Put this idea in the player ideas section or ask the relevant ISD member (@ISD_Drew - sorry if it isn’t you) to move it.


Frigate bays cannot hold just any frigate.

It cannot hold certain frigates. For example, any frigate that could fit an interdiction nullifier (interceptors, explorers) cannot be placed inside the frigate bay. That restriction makes sure people cannot simply ‘always save their battleship pod’ by warping safely out of any bubbles on grid once the battleship goes down.

Shuttles are nullified by default.

For that reason, I don’t think it is a good idea to add shuttles to the frigate bay.

If you want to bring that shuttle for roleplay purposes, you could put a packaged shuttle in the battleship cargo hold, they’re only 500m3 and should fit. :wink:

Having a shuttle along could even come in use if you ever need to make a quick trip somewhere and don’t need to bring the battleship, so you can stash that in the nearest station and switch to the shuttle.


I didn’t appreciate that - I’m a resident of high-sec. I completely agree with your argument. My personal RP like is outweighed by the gameplay downside.


I agree with this from an RP POV.

From a gameplay POV one might argue a shuttle might help people escape faster vs a frigate.

tbh, frigates in EVE aren’t that much bigger than shuttles. So it really shouldn’t hurt your rp to use a frigate for shuttle purposes.

As for lore immersion, just make up some head cannon about shuttle systems not being advanced enough to interface with the systems on the battleship.


I’d forgotten that shuttles are nullified. Oh well, nothing ventured…

Maybe not shuttles, but I’d say corvettes for sure.

After reading that, i first liked it to, but the Nullified piont is a good reason to say no.

But no i ask my self, why does Battleships and Marauders have Frigate / Escape Bays and Dreatounghts Carriers and titans not!?!

Capital ships already have a ship maintenance bay they can stuff full of escape frigates. Escape battleships, even.

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