Sidewinder Syndicate Looking for a Few, Good Pilots

Sidewinder Syndicate is recruiting!
-Militaristic rank structure
-Officer and Enlisted positions available
-Discord Support
-Mining, PvE, Industry, PvP, Exploration, Hauling Departments
-Future wormhole Infrastructure
-US/EU Timezones
-Veteran and Active duty military friendly
-Actively looking for station traders, haulers, and PvP pilots
Join SWRF Public

^^ This is the ad you’ll most likely see in the recruiting channel in EVE Online. However, here, I want to let everyone here know that my corp runs with various levels of gameplay. the hardcore expert players with billions in assets that multi-boxes 6 characters at once, or the new guy who just has time to play on the weekends.

I wanted to create a corp that was easy for anyone to join and quite literally rise up through the ranks. Officers and Enlisted have different pathways that they will be expected to fall into, with corporate skillsets that cater to the position they want to fill. If you’re a hauler, mission runner, miner, station trader, PvP Ace, PvP Novice, wormholer, etc… you will have a specific department with likeminded pilots here.

We have officer’s meetings every Tuesday at 6pm EST and total corp meetings every Saturday at 7pm EST.

Those of you who actively serve in a military, be it Active duty, Reserves, or any form of Prior service, will be marked and will not be removed from the corp until 18 months of inactivity. This is to ensure that those that go on deployments, or any form of real life assignments that takes you away from the corp will not mean you lose your home or assets.

Kronos Bonholm is the corp head and lead recruiter. Join “SWRF Public” chat channel for further information

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