Sigma Clone State & Clone State Changes

(Maximum Hiroaki) #1

Omega has now 8X Training Speed
Sigma Clone has a advantage (Super Premium)
16X Training Speed
Factory Production 20% Sigma Clone Reduction
+25% Base Reprocess
*2 Factillity Queue Speed
and more!!
Price:1,000 PLEX for 30 days

(QuakeGod) #2

My Omega clones already have 32x training speed. They’re called skill injectors…

(Maria Dragoon) #3

The short answer no, the long answer. “Pay to win in a game that already requires a sub to unlock all the features is a terrible idea, and these new sigmas will only result in alpha clones being completely pushed out of eve’s market.”

(MinerArt) #4

Skill yourself into ships you have no idea how to fly faster? That’s cute.

(Alopex-Lagopus) #5

How about they be Omegas that have completed all skill training, in all branches and then no longer have to sub to maintain all their sp and not fall into Alpha status?

(Erethond) #6

Transcendence from having mastered every skill available to an infomorph? I actually like that! The few people who have done so either paid a fortune in sub (if it’s even possible to train to all V) or in injectors. One could say they’ve done their share!

(Alopex-Lagopus) #7

That is the idea, reward those who have payed into the game… A lot!
It offers no massive advantage AKA: Pay to win. BS.
You have already reached the top. Now you are wasting money just to keep what you have, and are getting nothing for it.

(Krysenth) #8

I feel like this is a troll thread…not entirely sure… :thinking:

(system) #9

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