Silent Coalition

Hi All,

I am potentially on the look out for a new corp. I came across Silent Company and this page - - the website looks very professional and i know that they have a number of corps both within Silent Company and (i guess) via this LinkNet but just wondered what they were like as a whole.

I potentially have 6 characters I want to join with, 1 I want to just do PVP with and the other 5 would be ISK makers for the PVPer (so woul dbe looking probably at a wormhole option with PI for those)

Can anyone offer any insight, they seems a really sizeable organisation and the options on that linknet are many, so its a little overwhelming at the moment. From what I gather you join a “entry” corp and i guess that is a feeder for the other corps within.

LinkNet line member here. Your best bet to get a feel for the individual corps and what they offer, beyond reading the ‘who we are’ pages on the LinkNet wiki, would be to join the

LinkNet Discord server
. Here is the summary from our Recruitment Help channel:

The LinkNet community offers different corporations based on your personal interest. You will be able to find corporations that do different things and operate in different security areas.

If you are new to the LinkNet your way into the community most likely goes via our entry level corporations. The entry level corporations allow anyone to join them and gives you the opportunity to explore your career and corporation options while interacting with the rest of the community members.

Unsurprisingly, the entry corps are just that: a place for new players to enter the LinkNet family and start communicating with each other. From there, players can move characters into a variety of ‘advanced’ corps that may or may not specialize in certain roles or area of space. Most of the corp CEOs are active on the discord and available to talk through the requirements for their corps, from activity expectations to required skillpoints and experiences.

Thanks @Mkikaden_Tiragen I did read through a fair bit of the site yesterday, there seems to be just one entry corp listed in the MOTD, is there one corp or does that list alter?

I will joint he Discord server though, thanks for the link.

We have a total of three entry-level corps, but have focused on streamlining the process to recruit into just the SEADC-tagged corp to make things easier for placing support staff for helping new players get oriented.

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