Simple Businessmen looking for PVPers and Industrialists (NS/USTZ)

Simple Businessmen (NS USTZ)

Eve the land of the stars has many groups that you can join. Don’t pass up the chance to be part of this amazing group known as Simple Businessmen! Part of what makes us amazing is that we have a variety of activities to participate in with your corpmates.

Members get access to:

  • Active Corp Buyback
  • Extensive BPO Library for all members to use
  • Fleet operations including, small gang PVP, major fleet ops, CRABs, and moon mining.
  • Connect with a diverse group of capsuleers from all walks of life
  • Knowledgeable members with decades of experience between them to help answer any and all questions.
  • PVP/PVE, Indy, and wormhole shenanigans can all be yours!

In exchange we ask:

  • 20M SP or more
  • Willingness to Train and Prioritize Doctrine Ships
  • Alliance Participation
  • English Communication Skills
  • Functional Mic for Discord and Mumble
  • 18+

Feel free to join our public channel Simple Businessmen Public and our Discord via auth at Login - Simple Businessmen Auth plus Simple Businessmen | Corporation | zKillboard

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