Simple Businessmen is recruiting

We are a NS corp actively looking for new members. Primarily a USTZ corp, with some members in other time zones. Simp offers its members a thriving Buyback program, Corp FCs that plan a variety of activities and a large BPO library that you can gain access to after extended membership. As an added bonus our members are the best around with great senses of humor, who also are happy to answer questions. Some of the activities we enjoy together indy, pvp, pve, mining, fleets and pi. If our community sounds awesome but you don’t quite meet the qualifications for it yet, we offer you a place in our HS corp until you can reach those goals. This allows you to still be apart of it and grow with us.
In exchange we require:
20 mil SP
Magic 14 at least to level 4
Willing to train/ willing to prioritize doctrine ships.
Can fly or willing to train into Caps
PvP capable or willing
Agrees to participate in alliance based content/ events
Can speak english (doesn’t not have to primary language)
Has working mic/ can access voice on Discor

Bump :smiley:

Keep us in mind :smiley:

Be sure to join our discord, and we are happy to talk to you :smiley:

Still recruiting, pop into our Simple Businessmen Public channel in game as well

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