Simple Businessmen is recruiting! The choice is SIMPle

The ships are in need of an experienced pilot and the ship crew needs someone to command them. But who wants to fly solo…not you, which is why you are looking at these ads. Look no further Simple Businessmen has a variety of things that can keep a pilot such as your self busy.

These activities include:

Active in-house Buyback
Extensive BPO Library for all members to use
Fleet operations including, small gang PVP, major fleet ops, CRABs, moon mining, and gas huffing
Connect with a diverse group of capsuleers from all walks of life
Knowledgeable members with decades of experience between them to help answer any and all questions.
PVP/PVE, Indy, and wormhole shenanigans can all be yours!

In exchange we ask:

20M SP or more
Magic 14 Skills at Level 4
Willingness to Train and Prioritize Doctrine Ships
Alliance Participation is a Must
English Communication Skills
Functional Mic for Discord and Mumble

Feel free to join our public channel in game Simple businessmen Public or our discord via our auth Login - Simple Businessmen Auth and Simple Businessmen | Corporation | zKillboard
The choice is SIMPle!

Still recruiting keep us in mind!

Dropping a line so you dont forget we are still recruiting

Still recruiting, keep us in mind!

Still recruiting :smiley:

Keep us in mind!

Still recruiting, keep us in mind :smiley:

Still recruiting!

Still here, keep us in mind when looking :smiley:

Still recruiting!

We have a great community here, come check it out!

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