Simple Unique Skin for Goru's Shuttle

(Sovauthority Sov-Rus) #1

Make a VERY simple change to Goru’s Shuttle as the standard texture model (or skin). Such as the Red tail fin light on the Caldari Shuttle to Green or Blue for Goru’s, and the Blue wing tip lights from Blue to Red or Green. Something that shows Goru customized his shuttle.

REASON: A lot of players, including new one’s, do COSMOS missions. A simple skin that changes very little can still have an impact in immersion which is better for new players in terms of how the game has a lot of immersive features. Makes the RPG itself look slightly more professional in the matter that the same textures wasn’t used for a unique item of the same model. It is also a Storyline Item and thus would be more unique in a sense with the simple modification.

Epic Arc slight appearance change
(Wolfgang Jannesen) #2

You sound really fired up about this, why? It’s a shuttle. It’s practical use outside of being a shuttle is nothing

(Sovauthority Sov-Rus) #3

Sorry for formating it not to your standards :stuck_out_tongue:

Real feedback would be appreciated.

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #4

‘Please give me a SKIN’ doesn’t have a lot that can give you feedback about

(Sovauthority Sov-Rus) #5

Not Skin. Using Skin’s engine capabilities to simplify creating a standard texture model bruh…
Thus the feedback is if a person agrees or disagrees so have the standard appearance changed of a unique item…

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #6

How about this, cosmetic changes like that mean very very little to me as a player so this will never bean idea that I’ll fight for

(Sovauthority Sov-Rus) #7

Alright and that’s cool that’s you.

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