Simulated Fireworks Window

In order to view how the fireworks display prior to purchasing them, I suggest a simulated window that displays them similar to the simulated ship fitting screen.

Would you also like a missile explosion and turret fire preview window before you buy them? Armor and shield hardeners preview windows? Killmark preview window?

Are you too cheap to just buy one and try? Or too lazy? Or do you just want to spam the forums at all costs?



Not really a fair comparison. Guns are a functional upgrade and who cares how they look, you’re an idiot if you’re choosing your weapons over anything but their stats. Fireworks are a purely aesthetic purchase, and you’ll notice that all of the other aesthetic items (skins, clothing, etc) have a preview option.

Well i think it’s fair… You see the explosion example in the box when you is buying a fireworks…

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You blow them off inside your pod, you see the pretty fireworks and then your pod blows up.

Obviously you buy stuff without knowing what you are buying. Not a very smart person at all.

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