Make weapon effects more visible and awesomer

I’d like to see more flashy weapon effects that can be seen from a further distance. Include a check box to turn on/off for performance reason.

-Autocannons: continuous stream of tracer fire, none of this stupid burst fire ■■■■
-Arties: they look pretty cool already, maybe make the projectiles brighter and more visible from a distance, give them a slower travel time so we can see them flying through space, fap
-Rails: have em leave behind a smoke trail like the sniper rifle in halo
-blasters: they look pretty good but make them way brighter and visible from a distance,
-beam lasers: they look totes fine actually
-pulse lasers: make em pulse, zap zap
-Missiles: they look cool, but again make them visible from a greater distance, make cruise missiles targettable again (and shootable)

This is my opinion. I know at least one of you will inevitably find some way to be rude, so remember this is my opinion SO BRING IT ON. Friendly discussion welcome.

And before someone says it: yes this is a good use of dev time.

EDIT: on second thought make beams like a continuous beam

-.- really

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thought of this after

I wish the Turrets on BS’s were bigger tbh , they look like little pea shooters stuck on the side of the ship

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haha, so true

Overall some good ideas, especially like the smoke trail for Rails, do want.

The weapon animations need to reflect what the weapon is actually doing, not just look good. Autocannons don’t fire continuously, so they shouldn’t look like they do.

If they introduce a weapon that starts with an ammo count of 120 and just burns down to 0 in a single cycle then this could be a thing, but otherwise, no.

The Railguns in The Expanse fired continuously like this, looked very cool.



WTB that DPS :yum:

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I believe those are PDCs and are not classified as railguns in the show. They are more traditional weapon platforms like the Goalkeeper systems on some modern naval ships. The Rocinante is equipped with PDCs and torpedoes. PDCs will still eat your face up close.

I might be wrong but I’ve spent a long time looking at weapon animations, and they don’t seem to match what my module is doing. It probably needs further testing, but I believe the visual representation has nothing to do with reality at the moment. It’s particularly noticeable with fast firing guns.

Also I gotta say I disagree, Eve is not realistic, it’s deep. Everything in the game is an abstraction. So when it comes to guns, it should only be about making them look as cool as possible.

You are correct indeed. I’m just not remembering the show as well as I should (been a while, haven’t had enough coffee, other excuse here).

I remember there being Railiguns and thinking ‘oooh EVE’ but that was probably one of the Donnager epidsodes.

Actual The Expanse Railgun scene:


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Cool looking things has always been my weakness in games, so I’m certainly not gonna disagree here, haha :slight_smile:

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Agreed, it would be nice for some of the very large guns to take up a significantly larger amount of space on the outside of the ships hull.

Some of the Heavy Missile Launcher turrets actually do look like they mean serious business, whereas the 1400mm Cannons on the side of my Tempest (for example) do indeed look like Pea shooters.

I guess technically considering the size of the average Battleship compared to other ships, those guns are actually pretty huge. They just appear to be tiny relative to the enormous hull size of the average Battleship.

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then you have some bad lag because they do…

always bugged me how the arty on cruisers looks way more powerful than the BB variants.

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