Permanent beam laser animations


(noone kun) #1

Suggestion is to change beam laser and amarrian sentry drone animations to permanent like those on triglavian turrets. This also includes increasing rate of fire and decreasing damage multiplier / capacitor usage of beam lasers and volatilitydamage of teck II beam laser focusing crystals.

(Daichi Yamato) #2

If this is purely for aesthetics I’d rather not. High rate of fire turrets put more load on the server and also make it harder to volley through logi.

(noone kun) #3

actually… yes, it is purely for aesthetics, and if ROF stats will stay the same - so be it. still, beam lasers have to shoot beams, and now we know that ccp can do it.

as a pros of high rate of fire, it lets us to change targets faster.

(system) #4

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