Please Change Amarr Pulse Beams

(Amanari Talar) #1

Please change pulse beans to balls of energy, like klingons, romulans, etc.


(Anjyl Took) #3

Because that’s how lasers really work. :thinking:

(Tiddle Jr) #4

I wish I could :zap: an enemy ship

(Skander Parzival) #5

Plasma: caldari/ gallette
Lazors: Amarr
Trash Bins: Minmatar


So, change an insta-hit weapon with an awesome graphic into a slow moving attack with a stupid graphic.


(Agondray) #7

how wouldn’t it be any slower than a blaster? because that’s basically what it would be turned into.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #8

Can’t we just roll it back to before the awful turret changes made lasers hard to see and give pulses lasers thes strobe effect back when it used to be a flickering bolt of lightning almost.


Not the rate of fire, the time it takes for the weapons damage to be inflicted, like missiles it would now have a flight time that before was instant.

(system) #10

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