Please Change Amarr Pulse Beams

Please change pulse beans to balls of energy, like klingons, romulans, etc.


Because that’s how lasers really work. :thinking:

I wish I could :zap: an enemy ship

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Plasma: caldari/ gallette
Lazors: Amarr
Trash Bins: Minmatar

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So, change an insta-hit weapon with an awesome graphic into a slow moving attack with a stupid graphic.


how wouldn’t it be any slower than a blaster? because that’s basically what it would be turned into.

Can’t we just roll it back to before the awful turret changes made lasers hard to see and give pulses lasers thes strobe effect back when it used to be a flickering bolt of lightning almost.

Not the rate of fire, the time it takes for the weapons damage to be inflicted, like missiles it would now have a flight time that before was instant.

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