Singularity Character Mirror

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Could I please ask you whether it would be possible to mirror my character (new player) on the Test Server? I would like to test myself a couple of things without wasting any ISK on the global one going forward but just because I joined Eve Online 8 days ago I cannot do it and would need to wait another 2-3 months or so…

Hope that’d be possible.


Sorry, they do not just port over individual characters. They just had a mirror done on 8/10/2021. It will most likely be December before the next mirror. Your character will be mirrored over at that time.

Sorry to inform but you answered your own question:

In the mean time, I suggest you make a post in the NewCitzen section of this forum and ask for about the subject you have doubt. You may also try the in game Help channel or look for resource in the internet.

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