[Sinister Shadows EU/US TZ - W.I.P] - Low Sec elitists & Top Tier Memers

Here’s a short introduction from our Field Logistics Officer

If you hate reading you can join us here and discuss instead:

  • Discord
  • In-game channel “Meme Dungeon”
  • Send a EVE mail for details to:
    • USTZ
      • Above Anninen
    • EUTZ
      • Eliza Shikkoken
      • Kasper Kalkonen

Here’s a list of what we offer including but not limited to:

  • Black Ops dumpstering of bads
  • Capital warfare, fun times and bad times included
  • Memes and screeching on comms
  • AFK CEO, mentally stable only when needed and available
  • Mercenary work
  • Null and Wormhole space roaming (We dumpster everyone, everywhere!)

Sounds good? Great!

We’re looking for highly functioning brain children of the cause that can be helpful and contribute. This involves:

  • Having 20 million SP (We’re open to haggle)
  • Not being a freeloader (It’s not Alpha and Omega, it’s only Omega for us)
  • Being a social little good boy, so we can all be better together

It’s really not that demanding, so why don’t you scoot your little Covert Ops cloak into our space and get jiggy with it.

Be dumb, be cloaked but first of all be best!
Kasper Kalkonen, Spiritual Leader of VCIUS


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