SiSi bugs

I am having problems on my main, maCH’EttE
When I try to install implants I get a error msg saying I need to train the implant skill to 5, but I already have all the skills for the implant to 5. I am also having this error msg with tech 2 guns, I have all the required skills trained to 5 but I still get the msg. Same thing with drones and other ship modules, have the required skills but still get the error msg saying I need skill xxxx trained to 5. I have done /copyskills command but I still get the same error. Help pls.

are you in alpha state??? bu some plex for 100 isk and turn into omega and try again… if this is not case then devs must inspect sisi server might be there some fire on it… fire extinguisher anyone?

had this happen to my two carrier alts and titan main. i could board nyx but not thanatos because was telling me absurdals i have not trained gallente carrier skill. and the titan absurd where could not fit racial capital guns oooo is that i can use gallente big guns on TQ but sisi sometimes bugs out and wont let me,after few restarting game finally could fit my titan.

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