Skeleton wheel is recruiting for NPC Null Adventures

Do you want to have access to PVP as well as activities which players consider griefing, do you have what it takes to keep the dream alive? Then skeleton wheel is the right group for you.


  • An understanding of PVP
  • A learning mentality
  • Mic
  • Discord
  • 18+ years old

What do we offer:

  • A PVP corp within an emerging alliance with content in the form of:
    • Midscale PVP
    • Small scale sov warfare
    • Roaming Small Gang PVP Fleets
    • Black Ops
    • Gatecamping
  • Curse based (literally and figuratively), live in NPC Nullsec like the good old days.
  • Part of the Gorilla Warfare Coalition (JF Logistics, Moon mining, SIGs for various types of content)
  • A chance to fly among the winners of the 2022 crystal hunt seasonal event

What do we expect from you:

  • You’re part of the group, you play the game with us, and you live the curse dream with us.
  • You are self-sufficient, you have a way to fund your PVP.
  • You play the game in a methodical manner.
  • You have an understanding and are competent the game.

Join our discord and let us know who you are in game and that you’re interested in applying, we will give you the role on discord to access the recruitment forum.

there’s a skeleton inside every single one of you

“I really enjoyed my time in skeleton wheel, it was my favourite eve online corporation experience.” -Ted Danson

the testimonials pretty much speak for themselves

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