Skill extractors not extracting (log into game through Launcher)

I had a error come up when using a skill extractor, i got the interface when you double click the extractor, slected the skills i wanted to remove, clicked on extractor, and it told me “log into game using launcher to be able to use the skill extractor”

ok, i give up , i always use the launcher, you know double click eve online icon, launcher starts, click on play arrow icon and character client starts.

I Have submitted support ticket, and didn’t see anyone post anything in forums thru a search , anyone else having this problem?

Same issue here. Launcher did update today, not sure if that caused it or not.

i haven’t used them before so i would not be able to tell if it occurred before latest patch or not

issue resolved, recieved reply from Gm, check launcher version is “Release” version, (mine already was) not beta and also check “Download everything” , mine worked after that

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