Skill training speed limit

Hello. I’ve noticed that the max training speed is 3600 sp/hr. Is that the hard limit after using a Master-At-Arms accelerator when having 2700sp/hr(non accelator max possible speed)? By hard limit I mean prevented from surpassing the speed of that number because of the game’s code? +10 to both primary and secondary attribute feels to me the number could’ve gone higher, but I didn’t make calculations about it. Has anyone wondered about this training speed thingy as well?

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The 2D representation of the skill books don’t do them credit.

Hey LordOdysseus,

Yes, you’re right about how skill training speed is calculated. It’s based on the primary and secondary attributes tied to the skill you’re training. For an Omega clone, the formula is Primary + Secondary / 2 SP per minute. Alphas train at half this speed.

To my knowledge and without running any numbers, training 3600 SP per hour with the Master-At-Arms accelerator arises due to game limitations on how high attributes can be boosted. There aren’t any caps explicitly set on training speed, but the attributes themselves have practical limits based on available in-game boosters and implants.

Hope this helps clarify things a bit!

Yes, 3600 is max speed currently in the game

You can check how different implants / skill attributes affect your training here: Quantum Anomaly

I do think there was one event in the past which gave +12 implant, which would give you faster training than MAT booster at the moment, but if I recall correctly, those were limited to the event and duration, so they are expired now.

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