[bug] Skills not training at correct speed for Omega

My main character account is not training at the correct speed even though I have upgraded to Omega. I’m training a skill which uses intelligence primary and memory secondary and my attributes are 22/20 which should give 1920sp an hour. there are 20,000 skill points left to train but eve mon shows training at 960 and in-game it is showing that it will take 20 hours to complete which is the correct speed for an alpha account but my account is Omega.

Here is an image showing the problem and different training times in the EveMon skill planner (which is showing tthe correct training speed) versus the now training panel/and in-game training window which is incorrect.

My omega account is only training at 1x (alpha) speed

I have this exact same issue. Did you ever get yours resolved?

I opened a ticket, but awaiting a response.

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