Skill point max per hour with all boost

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I am trying to work out what is the max skill points per hour i can get if i have plus 12 Cerebral Accelerator on. I know with implants (+5 ) and remap its 2700 an hour. CAn any one help me please. or just link a page that someone worked it out

(Erin Kore) #2

Each skill has a primary and secondary attribute

The amount of skill points you get per minute is primary + secondary / 2. So if you have your primary attribute at 30 and your secondary at 24, you gain 30 + 24 / 2 = 42 skill points per minute.

When remapping, you start with a base level of 17 in each attribute with 14 points to spend and a cap of 27 total points in a single attribute. So to maximize skill point gain for a specific primary/secondary combination, you remap the primary to 27 and the secondary to 21.

You then add +5 implants and the +12 accelerator and you get 44 in the primary and 38 in the secondary. This gives you 44 + 19 = 63 skill points per minute or 3780 per hour.

All this for Omega accounts. Alpha trains at half speed.

(Steve Frosty) #3

Thanks hey. Been trying to work this out for a while now. and that is a huge dif in skill points per hour… will need to stock up then

Thanks again for all your help hey

(Erin Kore) #4

Keep in mind that the accelerators from the Grand Prix event expire on the 3rd of July, so you have about 2 weeks left to benefit from them. Stocking up beyond that is throwing away money.

(Steve Frosty) #5

Thanks for the heads up. Will keep that in mind when i buy.

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