Skill viewer improvement


I’m having to set up my account for a better use of the new alpha clone state. Right now, I’m spending some time in the skill viewer in order to setup my plan. I’d love to be given a few abilities, such as filtering a skill from a certain view (say “Can train now” for instance). It would help me get rid of the skills that I have which should stay low for a few months. No more seeing that I should train Spaceship Command to 5 when I know I won’t for a while.

Also, I’d love to have a coloring based on whether a skill is alpha or omega clone (much like the one we can see in the fitting simulator). I’m having some trouble when I’m in omega state but planning for an alpha RL friend of mine.

You have everything in filters. Also when alpha all omega skills are marked by yellow squares.

Oh, maybe I wasn’t able to find the filters in my character sheet. The alpha state would still apply, since I’d love to also have it while in omega. I used a printscreen of the alpha clone’s skills to help, but that’s a bit tedious for some players.

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