Add a preview for "Alpha clone" state to highlight skills / skill levels

Ok, so if you’re in alpha state, your skillset will highlight the skills you cannot train in golden squares. But once you go omega - there’s no way of seeing which skills or skill levels will get removed if you drop back to alpha state.

It would be very convenient if there was a simple checkbox in your skill list/queue that enables omegas to actually see the layout as alphas.

Even a checkbox that would hide all the omega skills would be helpful (something like this)

How is this helpful?

  1. If i’m on an omega clone that i’m planning to revert back to alpha and I don’t want to “overtrain” some of the skills and therefore lose SP since there’s a 5mil cap on active training
  2. If i’m actually planning to extract the excess skills, this would enable a quick way of checking which skills can be extracted without affecting the alpha clone performance

I fully support this idea.

This is something the volunteer developers, who work for free, could work on.

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Ive been removing Billy’s brain a lot recently and noticed Id slightly messed up the amount due to mistakenly thinking a skill was Omega when it wasnt.

+1 for this to aid the debraining process

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