Alpha Skill Only section of character sheet

Could we please have a trainable alpha skill section of the character sheet.

In this section you could see which skills would be trainable as alpha only and also what skills and items you would not be able to use unless you are omega.

I play omega and alpha characters and occasionally upgrade my alpha for faster training time but i can never easily find out what characters can still use once they are alpha again .
Fundamentally a list of Alpha only skills that can be trained on the character sheet would be extremely useful.

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A complete list of Skills and to what level they can be trained, can be found in this Dev Blog

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In addition to that, on an alpha character all omega skills are marked in yellow-ish color. They should be easy enough to spot.

As a Qol issue can it not be integrated into the drop down list of options in the skills section of the character sheet?
Skills trainable now
My skills
alpha skills
Etc Etc

Would save having to search for that Dev blog each time.

elitatwo answered this. When showing all skills on an Alpha character, Skills and their levels not marked with yellow, are the ones you can train.

They are only clearly marked if you are alpha though, when you are omega all skills in the list are white. You have to manually check the list to see which will still be usable if you drop to alpha, which would be annoying.

That’s my reading of the OP anyway.

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that’s not the same as just being able to filter them out

as for op this would simply not be a good move by ccp. you don’t exactly want the best QOL when you do a silver-gold business model. these little inconveniences and constant flaunting of what you could have if you went gold are all part of the push to get you to subscribe

So what I’m reading from this ‘silver-gold’ comment is that you believe that ccp won’t do this as its something that should only be easier if you are a ‘gold’ player?

Exactly what I was trying to say thank you :smiley:

not something that should only be easier for a ‘gold’ player as if they were pro-consumer it would not need to be. however by making small things like this easier for one it is an extra push to go gold without it being something blatant they may get push back for.

its similar to the phycological tactics they use with the skill training difference. when they added alphas they gave them 1/2 the training speed of normal however they market it as omegas get 2x training speed

I play several characters in Eve online as I know many of us do, some I omega , some I don’t - this issue would not make any difference to whether I omega or alpha a character I can confirm.
I believe having spoken to many others that this is the general consensus.

sure it does by paying for an omega you do not need to worry at all what skills are alpha where as if you use alphas and need to know what skills you will and will not have access to making the discovery of that information just a bit harder will be one more thing added to the pile of reasons as to stay omega. it may not be enough for you to subscribe that account but it combined with all the other things may push others into it.

I can admit I am an example of it. I had originally decided to make an alpha FW clone to mess around on when nothing was happening but setting up the skill queue was to tedious so I decided just to plex it as well and get access to T2 while I was at it

And yet it I plexed my faction warfare alpha toon to gain training speed , not so I could see which skills I’d be able to train??
I still believe this is a Qol issue that would make little to no difference to whether someone would alpha or omega

that’s exactly what i’m talking about. it may not have mattered to you but does even if in small part to others.

I could say the same thing about training times. I couldn’t have cared less about that on my fw too since It was just a casual account

I only made the effort to find the forums to post this as it had been a topic of discussion with many others many times.
I hope that this finds a few other like minded individuals.

you understand I agree with you that this would be a nice change right?

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I honestly cannot imagine any player not liking this idea .
I totally understand the explanation of the business thinking behind what you were saying too.
I hope that Ccp realize that it is minimal to non existent the difference in revenue they would see for this change .

you also need to remember the poor state ccp is in. even if this didn’t have an effect they have to be very very carful where they invest resources.

you know until Pearl Abyss starts implementing the pay to win and gachapons

I seriously tried to relate this to algae for a second. Pretty sure I wasn’t meant to do that.

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