Skilling Spree

I’m running 2 clients side by side and notice that the timer for the next challenge is off from one another by 1 hour. is that normal or is that a bug.

Bugs are normal, so I’ll go with normal.

Likely a bug and worth reporting.


I took a screen shot and reported it, I kind of think it wasn’t big enough of a issue but I guess i let them know about it.

You did the right thing by telling someone. Now go lay your lil head down

Come on man, you know better than this. It’s an online game and in online games… (join in everyone)…

“there are no bugs, only ‘features’” :rofl:

But seriously, yeah bug. Idk man, I’m just feeling very flippant right now and (as people may have worked out by now) I find myself hilarious.

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