Skills for kills canceled? What a joke?

Cant find any signs of it
No status bar, no icon
It’s just… disappeared :dash:

CCP cancle it?
Or just remove indication?

Yep … it’s gone.

It was only on for a limited time.

Not cancelled. It ended.

EDIT: Forget that. I’m an idiot. It was meant to be on until 14 April (

So who knows. CCP being CCP.

Called this would happen beforehand…

But i’m the troll here…

Huh? Still there for me, and skills for FW kills…

I think it is back today after reset, though you are correct that it had been taken away the day before.

It’s now merged…

Did you call this?

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Maybe its covid related. Maybe the virus has jumped from man to machine. Maybe eve is infected.

That they will paddle back?


They combined it with PVE skilling spree…and this IS paddling back…

People were collecting corpses and then not keeping their social distance from the corpses! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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cough, don’t look at me :slight_smile:


Dunno, theres a lot of you about

You know this guy isn’t:

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Love is blind, it does stink if you leave it at room temperature for too long though.

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