Skin concepts (image dump)


please forgive me.

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I just found this thread, awesome work, Question for you did you have access to the game image maps in order to create the skins?
I use to create skins for my Tanks in WOT, but we had access to the skins and models on our machines,
No one else could see the skin 'cept you but you could change the skins if you had the know how.
Also if someone liked your skins you could give it to them for download.
Is that possible here on Eve?


I use ingame resources although sometimes I’ll make my own pattern textures which are pretty basic.
It isn’t possible for users to skin ships in eve (yet) so I’m doing it outside in another tool.

Those are kind of professional done, which software do you use may we know?

A custom tool using javascript, webgl and a browser based on this GitHub - ccpgames/ccpwgl: CCP WebGL Library


all the stickers.

Sorry a little off topic though I had been trying to edit and improve some of my screenshots for the [GM Week 2022 Video Contest - GM and Community vote] Entry and the way you had shown everyone the Primal ones above are so good that I thought to ask.

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After creating an image I usually copy it 3 times and then layer it in photoshop:

  • top: original image sharpened @ 5% - 25% opacity, normal mode
  • middle: original image guassian blurred @ 15%-50% opacity, using Screen, Overlay or Multiply modes depending on the mood
  • bottom: original image


  • Flatten everything
  • If there are images from multiple sources add light gaussian noise
  • Colour correction
  • Usually my source images are quite big so they’re resized using a Bicubic sampler (smooth gradients or reduction). The images in this post that look better than others are mostly likely those that were bigger than 4k originally - but its hard to see with the compression on these forums.
  • ■■■■ post on the internets

The primal ones had 4 layers to get a kind of cartoony look

  • top: sharper, normal mode
  • middle top: lightly blurred, overlay mode
  • middle bottom: hard blur, screen mode with a low opacity
  • bottom: normal

opacity was whatever looked good, and there were some colour adjustments on the middle layers.


Some random stuff from years back.

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