SKINR: Better collection management

In the SKINR Collection tab, once a player has more than a handful of SKINs, management becomes very clunky. Some basic features I think are missing:

  1. The ability to rename SKINs in Collection and edit the SKIN line field. Once it’s added to a collection, the owner should be able to (re)designate a SKIN however they want.
  2. The ability to delete SKINs from the Collection. Let us clear out any mishaps, poor purchase decisions, and/or products of late night alcohol-induced experimentation.
  3. Sorting by SKIN line, or a SKIN line folder view. Right now, the SKIN line field doesn’t seem to serve any purpose, so using it to sort/filter would be a good start.

Not sure the first is needed, but definitely the ability to delete snd sort.

For myself, the first dozen or so SKINs I created, I named by hull because I (foolishly) thought the SKIN line field would be used in the fitting window personalization tab (ya know, like every other SKIN?). But alas, once they finished sequencing (days later), it turned out the fitting window shows the SKIN name itself (again, not sure the purpose of the line field, but whatever…).

So personally, I’ve got a number of SKINs I’d prefer to rename, so at least sorting or filtering by name would be useful.

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Ah, gotcha. Yes, odd that the SKIN line isn’t used anywhere for the SKIN. +1 on all your suggestions.

Being able to change the price of skins for sale, including from Plex to Isk
We should be able to CANCEL a skin sale at any time if we want to activate it instead.
We should be able to link the skins in a chat to help sell promote like any other item in game.

These are VERY basic requirements.

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Oh God no. The last thing we need in local or any other chat is more links to spam/hypernet/selling.

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Yeah… If we ever get to the point I’ve suggested previously, where you can list a design on the market, rather than a SKIN, I can see the point of allowing links in e.g., corporate bulletins. That way corp members can find and create the corporate SKINs themselves.

Up until that point, I’m kind of with @QuakeGod on the concern about chat spam, of which we have enough already.

BIG yes to items #2 and #3. Item #1 is probably only acceptable if the power to edit SKINs is reserved only for the creator of the SKIN.

For example, if I personally sequence something and add it to my collection and can edit its details and information after the fact, great. If someone else sequences something for me, part of what I’m purchasing is, ideally, the branding that they’ve decided to give to the SKIN in the first place. Diminishing the appeal of that by allowing any of how a skin is described to be edited after the fact of ownership doesn’t really work well to promote branded industry.

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To be clear, I was suggesting a user be able to rename a SKIN in their collection (i.e., activated and no longer redistributable). Once a SKIN is activated, the now-permanent owner should be able to name it and organize it however they like (e.g., “For fleet ops,” “For pimping in Jita,” “My favorite,” etc.) rather than whatever arbitrary name was assigned by the creator.

And no, one shouldn’t be able to buy a SKIN on the Paragon Hub, rename it, and then re-list it on the Paragon Hub.