SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY- Recruiting corps and players

SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY is an alliance making its base within the region of Pure Blind and looking to expand our roster of individual players as well as being open to recruit entire corps.

We are looking to offer new and old players a chance to experience life in nullsec, with the primary focus being on PvP, and secondaries being PVE, Mining & Industry, as well as Exploration and a bit of Wormhole dabbling.

What we offer:

-Drama free PvP fleets led by experienced FCs with a good attitude towards new players
-Sov space
-Mining Fleets
-Ore and NPC loot buy program by alliance
-Frequent JF runs to and from high-sec for ease in dealing with the logistic side of EvE
-The opportunity for new FCs to be born or old ones to get back in the saddle
-Discord server for communication

What we expect:

-Above all else, willingness to PvP – While we do not enforce CTAs, we want everybody to do their part when it comes to defending the owned sov.
-Be on comms while in Space doing whatever it is you are

If you’re a new player wanting to see how nullsec is like, or an old player who just got back to the game and found too many changes to go through on his own, or a battle-scarred vet looking for a new beginning…come fly with us.

Corporations or alliances that are tired of paying rent or simply sick of their overlords and want to be a part of something less constraining are encouraged to have a talk with us.

For details feel free to contact Justin Starr STARR or Lord Seth (Discord: Justin Starr STARR#8251) or join SL0W Recruit channel ingame.

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daily bump

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Still looking for more pilots and corps to join us in Pure Blind.

Come join the fun in Pure Blind.

We are still taking on cot and individuals. We have plenty of space to accommodate all your needs.

Oh oh plscan my corp join Sir pls Sir

Great team!

Missed a fun fight last night

join up now if you want to experience small gang PvP with Cap fights.

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Still looking for more to join us.

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Does your name imply that there are kids playing who happen to move slow?! Or perhaps are you using the slang derivative of the word “slow” to say that there are retarded kids playing?! Or are you simply asking people to slow down because kids are playing, in which case there needs to be a comma after the word “slow” !?!

Please clarify!

One word only, lame

Why not just a little bit of everything.

Looking for more peeps to join us in Nullsec for daily shenanigans

Still have room for more. Come and join us in Pure Blind for some PvP.

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Looking for more to join us for some PewPew